Don’t Let The Passage Of Time Leave You Vulnerable To Serious Illness



Preventing Serious Illnesses As You Get Older


We’re all getting older, and most of us are hoping for a happy retirement. Of course, busy lives lead us to live for the moment more and more these days. You might not have much time to consider how life will be when you hit your seventies and eighties. Sadly, there are dozens of illnesses that may snatch your twilight years from you. Age-related conditions can lead to complications that cause a dramatic decline in your health. Is there anything you can do to reduce the risk of this happening to you?

Skin Care



The passage of time brings many wonderful experiences and memories of a life lived fully. But it will also tell its tale on your appearance. Wrinkles, gray hairs, and loss of muscle tone are just some of the ways we can tell how old someone is. Many people in their fifties and sixties work hard to mask their true age. Hair coloring, makeup, and cosmetic treatments can help preserve a youthful look.



But it’s what is going on beneath the skin that we need to be concerned with. There are several serious illnesses that many of us are at risk of developing as we reach our senior years. Prostate cancer is far more common than you may think. As many as 80% of senior men have cancer cells in their prostate. Fortunately, there are effective treatments should it be required. Some of them are detailed on websites like As early diagnosis can aid effective treatment, it’s always a good idea to have regular check-ups.


There are promising studies to suggest prostate and other cancers can be prevented. While your genes are likely to play a huge part in your susceptibility, your diet could also play a major part. We all know we’re supposed to be following a healthy lifestyle. Can you afford to put it off until later in life? Some health gurus suggest that you shouldn’t wait. Eat foods like raw vegetables and cooked tomatoes. They could provide the protection your body needs to avoid cancerous cells growing.


Regular Exercise




Your weight today may be a factor in your future health too. It is well-documented that obesity can lead to heart disease and diabetes. But now some studies suggest that carrying just a little extra weight could be dangerous for your future. Some have related the information to an active lifestyle. Those that exercise regularly have better cardiovascular systems. And some say this can even stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Dementia is a cruel condition. It can be completely devastating for the entire family. There is a lot of funding and research going into these kinds of conditions. Some studies are exploring the effects of exercise and mentally challenging activities. They can help prevent dementia taking hold of your life in the future. We will all suffer some degree of mental decline later in life. But dementia can cost you your independence. It can become very debilitating and is difficult to manage.

Hearing And Sight



Hearing and sight will also decline as we age. Muscles can lose their tone, and the posture can suffer too. While none of these are directly related to a serious illness, they can all contribute to an increased risk of falls and injury.




Reactions slow making it harder to protect your body if you are in an accident. Injuries take longer to heal as we age, and we can become more susceptible to infection. This can be far more serious in a vulnerable older person.


It is important to have regular sight and hearing tests. You can make the most of appropriate corrective wear and treatments. Keeping your body strong and flexible with regular exercise can help you maintain good muscle tone and posture. Starting now, you could engage in an active lifestyle that you could maintain for life. Good habits can stick if you start them early enough!


It’s not just healthy eating and exercise that you can take care of right now. Your mental health is also important. Stress, depression, and anxiety can have a significant impact on your physical health as well as your emotional well-being. Stress is known to cause problems for the heart. But did you know it can also impair your ability to sleep well? Good quality sleep is essential for your body to heal and regenerate. It ensures your memories are filed away correctly for effective recall. And it relaxes the body, mind, and soul. Without it, you can become very ill.


If you are keen to develop a new healthy lifestyle for life, be sure to include some opportunities for relaxation each day. Work and family life can be so hectic that it is difficult to get any me time. But if you want to be around for your family for longer, it’s important you prioritize your own well-being from time to time. Attend a Yoga or meditation class. Enjoy a scented bubble bath. Write a journal. All of these things can help you unwind and relax each day.




Do you need to improve the quality of your sleep? You might consider getting a high-quality mattress and pillow. This will ensure you are comfortable all night long. Add some black- out curtains for your bedroom to ensure the light doesn’t disturb you. A strict bedtime routine will help prepare your body and mind for sleep. This will help you fall asleep more quickly. And reading a book rather than staring at a screen can be the best way to drift off soundly.





Relationships are also important to our emotional and mental well-being. We are social animals and need interactivity on a daily basis. It stimulates us and helps to release those happy hormones that keep us healthy. Try to see friends or family every day. Treat yourself to a social gathering every week. And make time to have some fun with the people you love the most.


Aging is inevitable, but it needn’t be plagued with ill health. The way you live your life today could impact your health in the future. Be well.


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