How To Ease Back Pain Around The House


Cheap & Easy Ways To Ease Back Pain

Back pain can be horrible to deal with because it comes and goes, and when it’s there – it’s a nightmare. It can be difficult to move as it ends up affecting your whole body, and all you want to do is lie in bed and wish the pain away.

Assuming you’ve already been to the doctors, there are some things you can do in the comfort of your own home to ease the pain, or even take it away.

A proper night’s sleep

Back pain can cause you a lot of disturbance when trying to sleep because you’re in pain. But the less sleep you get, the worse your pain may actually become as it can increase any swelling. In order to sleep better, try investing in a new mattress, along with different sleeping positions to see if there’s any that take the edge off a little (or hopefully a lot!)

You can try adding a pillow underneath your body as this may help maintain the natural curve of your spine. Or if you’re prone to sleeping on your back, place a pillow under your knees, or in between them if you prefer sleeping on your side.



Gentle exercise

The key word is gentle here, you don’t want to push yourself too hard in the event of causing yourself, even more, damage, but lying still isn’t always the trick either. In fact, it can make things worse sometimes by decreasing your muscle strength, and ideally, you want to be doing the complete opposite. Strong, stretchy muscles are what you should want, so try doing some gentle stretches and test the water to see how much you can actually get away with doing before the pain takes over. Walking is always good, and you can pick up the pace if you want to.


A back support can really help ease the pain while helping you continue on with your daily duties. They usually wrap around waist tightly while holding everything in place, meaning you don’t run the risk of bending or twisting the wrong way because you’re essentially fastened in.

Another form of support you can get is looking for the best anti fatigue mat. These help you to perform your duties like cooking by giving you comfort when you stand up, especially for long periods of time. The materials used include foam, rubber, gel and more, which each provides you with different levels of softness, flexibility, and support.

Hot and cold

Sometimes it can be one or the other, or even both depending on the time of day. Hot therapy can be done with a simple hot water bottle or heating pad; this works well for reducing cramping, tension and muscle spasms. While cold therapy, using an ice pack, works best to reduce any swelling and inflammation you may have.


There are plenty of options, so try them all out and see if anything specific works best for you. If your pain begins to be too much to deal with, go back to your doctors.

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