Easy Wellness Resolutions That You’ll Want To Stick To For 2017

How To Embrace Wellness Resolutions In 2017

I know what you’re saying right now, It isn’t even Christmas yet why do I need to think about New Year’s resolutions already? The answer is simple because success in anything is all about the planning. First of all, we all know resolutions don’t work. The most common New Year’s resolutions are losing weight and working out. Statistics show that gyms rack in the cash in December and January. Just try finding an empty treadmill after the new year. However, by February the enthusiasm fizzles.

The main reason for this is EXPECTATIONS! We set our expectations too high and when it doesn’t happen quickly enough, we quit. The first thing we need to do is be reasonable. Set reasonable goals. Nothing worth having comes that easily.

New Beginnings

There is no such thing as New Year, New You. What does happen is every year you have another chance at a new beginning. I don’t know about you but this last year was tough for me. I moved to a new state and changed career paths which brought financial challenges and family upheaval. So what in turn occurred, was weight gain.

As someone in the Wellness biz, it is embarrassing to find myself in need of the very advice I give every day. Yes, I am now heavier than I want to be, twenty pounds over my normal weight, so I am with many of you and in need of a return to Wellness. Hopefully, you will join me on this journey.

What Does Wellness Really Mean

Wellness to me means being well head to toe. What I know is that if you want to be healthy and strong, you have to treat every part. It can’t just be about what you’re eating. Your mind controls your body and what you eat is as important as fitness. It all goes together.

If you read my articles you know I am not radical. My philosophy is reasonable changes and moderation. I have outlined small, easy ways to embrace Wellness and change your lifestyle.

Healthy Eating

Wellness Resolutions

Eat More Veggies

We don’t get enough protein or fiber. A huge reason so many have digestive issues and don’t lose weight is because there isn’t enough green in our meals. We need the nutrients green vegetables provide and they help our bodies digest the food we eat. I know it’s difficult to eat the recommended amount of veggies, which is 3 to 4 servings a day.

Smoothies and juicing  are a great way to get a lot of veggies at once. Try a new vegetable every week.

Cook More

Ready made foods are great but so bad. Cook more using whole foods, meaning if it’s in a box put it back! Start taking your lunch and snacks to work. Grill your food instead of baking. Wen you bake or fry food the fat sits in your food.

Size Matters

Particularly in the US, portions are out of control. Much of the time it really is how much we are eating. In a healthy diet eating smaller meals, less often ensures you will never be full and never be hungry. You don’t need to be full, it makes you feel sick. Avoid seconds and level your plate with vegetables being the biggest portion.

Eat slower. My dad used to tell me as a child that if I ate too fast I would get the collywobbles. I never knew what it meant, but it scared me silly. It’s not a race, enjoy and savor your food which aids digestion.

Snack Wisely

Eating a snack mid-morning and in the afternoon curb cravings. Put the chips and cookies down and have healthier choices. Here are some of my favorite snacks that are healthier options

  • Homemade trail mix
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Roasted Kale
  • Apples And Nut Butters

Cut Sugar

Refined sugar is evil! Sugar turns to fat, we all know this. Try other sweeteners. Stevia is better than refined sugar but it is processed. Try Agave and Honey Raw in place of sugar. The point really is natural sources of sugar opposed to processed sugar.

Move More

Okay, let’s talk Fitness for your next Wellness Resolution. The main reason people stray from fitness is time. The number one excuse is not having time. You don’t need to exercise five times a week for hours at a time. You need to move! 15 to 30 minutes of exercise will have an effect. There are so many ways to get exercise that doesn’t necessarily involve a strict workout. Walking, dancing, biking, swimming, SEX! Once you start you will want to do more trust me.

Reduce Stress

Stress is killing us! There are so many illnesses directly related to stress. Your mind does control your body! Find your own way to reduce stress and do that regularly. Take some “ME” time. Whether it’s a massage or a facial even reading a book find the things that make you feel calm. The most important Wellness Resolution is to just relax.

Start Meditating

I hear people say all the time that they aren’t the meditation type, No offense but that’s ridiculous. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting on a mat in a pretzel position. Meditation is being still, it is breathing for relaxation and clearing your mind. Try just taking five minutes and being still with your eyes closed, you will be shocked at the changes that happen.





The Wild Thing

There is no better stress reliever than sex! There is just nothing I can think of that is better. It burns calories, relaxes your entire body. Helps you sleep better and emotionally connects you. It’s also good for your heart. Dr. Oz has said you should be making love three times a week for good heart health.


Start Your Day Right

How we start our day really matters. A bad morning can determine how the rest of the day goes. Try a few small changes like waking up a little earlier. Stretching as soon as you get out of bed. Taking a few minute to just sit. Drink warm water with lemon. Water gives you energy and your body reacts better to warm water, cold water can actually cause your stomach to react negatively. Lemon is great for cleansing your insides and boosts metabolism to burn calories all through the day.

The New Year is a great time to renew your body and spirit with small Wellness tweaks that jumpstart a healthier life! How do you embrace Wellness?


  1. Oh, I think I am on the right path already. I am an expert in reducing stress , my mornings always start positive 😊first thing I see is a little man’s cute face and his turbo wagging tail before I get my morning snugs , I cook fresh and healthy. Actually it isn’t really that tough, don’t you think? The problem’s name is ‘discipline’ I think. I always found it hard to keep going when you see only little success. With weight loss you get these stages where it just doesn’t seem to go further down, and then still going strong is hard. At the end of the day , we’re all women .Women ought to have curves, ask a man ! As you said : we should feel well from top to toe , and to one person that might mean 56 kg weight , to another maybe 90 kg.

  2. I have been struggling!!! I decided I needed to make it simpler. I’m focusing on making sure I get all my veggies and fruit in each day instead of telling myself I can’t have something – especially around the holidays. Great list – pinning!

  3. This post comes in the right time, I have been trying to get a list of goals to work towards 2017 and this post covers areas I had overlooked! I agree with you, it is all about the planning!!

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