Energize Your Day With This Awesome Morning Routine

morning routine

My Morning Routine

If there is one thing we agree on, it’s that getting up in the morning sucks! Back when I did the nine to five, I would get up about 45 minutes before I had to leave. My thinking was the longer I stayed in bed the more energy I would have. After all, they wouldn’t have created the snooze button if they didn’t want me to use it.
Truth is,I stayed tired for the entire day. I came to realize how my morning routine was affecting the rest of my day. There are small changes you can make to your daily morning routine that will give you the energy to make it through the rest of the day.
morning routine

Get Enough Sleep

Most adults don’t get enough sleep. Truth is, getting a full eight hours helps to reduce your risk of Disease. It also affects weight loss and stress. I know you’re thinking there is no way you can get eight hours of sleep. All I can say is make the effort. Schedule your day. Your body needs that time to recover.

The Right Mind-Set

Ever notice how children are overflowing with Energy? I used to say if we could only bottle it and sell it. The truth is, it has more to do with their attitude and how they approach life. Us adults are so world-weary and have lost the magic of childhood where every day is a new chance at discovery. Imagine how much your day could change if your outlook changed. Think of each day as an opportunity to discover.
morning routine

 Wake Up Earlier And Stretch

Are you a morning person or a night person? Studies show this is a real fact of life and not just your choice. It is believed that your brain might be wired that way and Genetics may play a key role.
But still, we all have times we have to be somewhere. Others often made fun of me because I would wake up two hours before I had to leave. It is something I highly suggest. Getting up earlier allows you to do what is necessary to get through the day at optimal performance.
As soon as your eyes are fully open you should stretch those bones. They need a good stretch for mobility, especially as you get older. It wakes up your muscles which provide more energy.
morning routine

Your Morning Cocktail

I am crazy for lemon! If it has lemon in it, I am going to have it. Now before you say I’m crazy, wait to sip that coffee. What is she saying? Believe me, I know. It used to be the first thing I reached for in the morning until I got the facts on Lemon Water.
The benefits of drinking this brew are endless.
  • Fights Free Radicals
  • Boosts Metabolism’
  • Aids Digestion
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Promotes Healthy Skin
  • Energy
  • Reduces Risk Of Illness
  • Helps To Reduce Pain

So maybe you knew all or some of this. Did you know it is better to drink it lukewarm instead of cold? Contrary to popular belief, your belly doesn’t enjoy a cold drink. It uses energy to maintain the right temperature. Not only that but warm water promotes Healthy Bowel Function.

So drink two glasses of warm Lemon Water when you get out of bed and then drink your coffee.

Your Body Needs Fuel

You wouldn’t drive your car without gas, right? So why so many of us skip breakfast boggles the mind. I suppose time is the evil master again. Eating a light breakfast gives you the energy to get through til lunch. I say light because you should never let yourself get full. When you are full, odds are greater that fatigue and indigestion will set in. 
There are many options for a light breakfast from yogurt with fresh fruit to a small bowl of Oatmeal. A quick breakfast I love is mixing an egg with fresh veggies, plopping it in a cupcake liner and baking or microwaving it for a few minutes. Don’t skip that mid-morning snack either.
morning routine

A Ten-Minute Stroll

All of these tips you’ll find aren’t time-consuming at all but there is one last thing. Don’t moan but you need exercise to start your day properly. It also doesn’t take long. It really doesn’t matter what you do if you are moving for ten to fifteen minutes. My go-to is always walking
I don’t drive so walking is a fact of life for me. I first started walking in the morning because it’s so damn hot in the South. Now I see the benefits, especially in the morning. 
Walking improves Circulation and Improves your appetite. It is a proven fact that it helps prevent Dementia as you age because it improves brain function.
It relaxes you and clears your mind which can help you plan the day ahead. I also practice Meditative Breathing while I walk.
Changing your morning routine is never easy but always worth the effort. So get more sleep. Detoxify with Lemon Water. Eat a light breakfast and enjoy a morning walk. You’ll be glad you did.



  1. I agree with this whole post! I am such a night owl and when I have a few days off from my routine I find I get right back into staying up late. To help me fall asleep I use the night switch on my iPhone and it turns my screen a yellow hue so it doesn’t keep me up. I try to limit screen time before bed as well. In the morning I rarely click snooze but I am always tired. A new outlook on sleep is much needed for me. Thank-you for the post!

    1. It takes me forever to fall asleep and I am not much a sleeper at that so a routine really helps. That is awesome about the iphone I don’t have one and I didn’t know about that.

  2. I’m a night person so its hard to get to bed but I’ve started setting my alarm for when I need to get to bed, it helps so much to make myself accountable to get to sleep at a regular hour!

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