20 Ways To Exercise Without Even Realizing You’re Doing It

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Now that summer’s here, the dread of having to stay in shape has arrived. You don’t want to spend your days doing stuff you hate – whether that’s running for miles, or sweating in a busy gym.

So, why not explore different ways of exercising? If you can find something that you enjoy on a mental level, you’re bound to love it as a way of getting and staying fit too. The below activities aren’t just gym workouts – they’re new hobbies you can learn, love and enjoy.



If you’ve got any other secret ways of staying fit, let us know in the comments below.


  1. Fidgeting


You were probably told off as a child for fidgeting and not sitting still – but it’s actually one of the best and easiest ways to stay fit! You won’t burn off a whole meal or develop a six pack, but fidgeting could help you shift 350 calories a day. And it’ll stop you from sitting still at your desk or chair – one of the worst things to do for your body.


  1. Housework




Yep, all that running around you do with a vacuum cleaner and duster pays off. You could be burning up to 2,000 calories a week by doing some of these household chores. Two birds, one stone springs to mind! It’s an easy way to fit exercise into your daily or weekly routine, and it doesn’t require any expensive equipment!


  1. Family fun


If you’ve got children, nieces, nephews or pets, get them involved too. Use your time together to mess around, play and run about. Reinvent games from your childhood, like tag, and spend the afternoons running around with them. Not only will you get to make some precious memories, but you’ll get some good high-cardio exercise in too.




  1. Walking


Walking is an easy way to exercise, and one that you don’t need to invest much time thought or money into. Instead of driving to the shops every day, see if you can swap it for walking once or twice. The same goes for picking children up from school – walk it instead of driving a few times a week. The more you can add walking into your daily routine, the quicker you’ll get fit and see the weight fall off.


  1. Rock climbing


Rock climbing is getting more and more popular, and it’s no surprise why. It’s a fun way to exercise while doing something completely different to sitting in the gym. You’ll be able to learn a new skill, you’ll get incredibly toned muscles, and it’s a fab hobby for children to pick up too. This is a fab beginner’s guide – but don’t forget that you can start inside on climbing walls and with bouldering!


  1. Dancing


From boogying around your kitchen to a night on the tiles with your friends, dancing is a fun, energetic way to exercise. If you want to make more of it, then why not look at dance classes? You could relive your childhood dreams of being a ballerina, learn the smoldering steps of a tango, or shake it up with Zumba classes.


  1. Hiking


If you’re lucky enough to live within driving distance of gorgeous countryside – make the most of it. Hiking is a chilled out yet hardcore way to exercise. You won’t instantly run out of puff like going for a run, but if you’re scaling uneven terrain and working your way up a mountain, you’ll soon work up a sweat – and get to see some beautiful views at the same time.




  1. Swimming


If you suffer from achy joints or sore muscles, swimming is the right exercise for you. It’s non-impact, so you won’t have to worry about bruising or hurting yourself. But, it gets you fit, strong and toned – and it’s one of the rare sports you won’t have to worry about working up a sweat over. Plus, it’s not usually that expensive to get started.


  1. Surfing


If you’re close to the sea and are a good swimmer, surfing or bodyboarding might be a great option for you. You’ll be able to enjoy learning something new and getting a total full body workout at the same time. Surfing can burn around 200 calories an hour – pretty impressive when you’re in the water having fun! And you’ll be working on everything from your arms to your core to your overall balance.


  1. Watersports


If surfing isn’t your thing, but you want to be near the water, why not look at other watersports like sailing, kayaking or jet skiing? They’re all great workouts and will get you out in the open air. Plus, they’re good fun for all the family, as you can usually get kayaks or canoes that can fit up to two people at a time.



  1. Yoga and Pilates


Prefer to stay dry and warm? Then stretching-based exercises might be best. Yoga and pilates are incredible for both your mental and physical wellbeing. You can learn how to breathe properly and how to meditate and focus your mind while toning your body and strengthening and stretching your muscles.


It’s a great way to wind down after a tough day and to relieve stress. It’s a good idea to take structured classes until you know the correct way of entering and leaving poses, but here are some beginner moves for you to try out.


  1. Personal training


If you want to carry on at the gym, but you’re either not motivated enough or don’t have the knowledge or confidence to set up your own workout, a personal trainer will work wonders. In fact, so many people are taking courses to become personal trainers, like those at Origin, because they were so inspired by getting fit with one in the first place! Once your personal trainer has boosted your fitness and confidence, you’ll feel much more able to work out on your own.


  1. Pole dancing


One of the fastest growing sports around at the moment, people are really beginning to notice the fitness perks of pole dancing. Not only will you learn some awesome dance moves, but you’ll get tough and strong too. Once you reach the dizzying heights of aerial inverts and super spin combos, you could be burning up to 500 calories an hour!


Pole dancing doesn’t just get you fit though. You’ll make some great friends, and your confidence and self-esteem will soar. This blog post gives you an idea of how to getfit you can get from pole dancing.


  1. Horse Back Riding


If you want more from your workout than just an increased heart rate, horse riding is the one for you. Not only will you be learning lots of new skills, but you’ll be exercising every part of your body. Horse riding provides everything from high-intensity cardio, to strengthening and toning, to balance. You’ll also learn invaluable lessons, like communication, confidence, patience, and partnership. Working in harmony with a 500kg animal is no other type of exercise in the world – just watch out that you don’t get too addicted, as it’s an expensive sport to enjoy!


  1. Gymnastics


You might think gymnastics is just for little children or people who can drop into the splits unaided. Well, it’s not. There are more and more adult gymnastic classes springing up, offering you the chance to play on the equipment, learn how to back-flip and become bendier. Gymnastics is fun and requires very few initial investments, so look up your closest gym and see what they can offer. You’ll love learning new tricks and moves, and you’ll want to keep going back as often as you can to nail the latest combination you’re working on.


  1. Trampolining


This childhood favorite shouldn’t be dismissed. It’s fun, easy to do, and burns up a lot of calories! Whether you decide to invest in a trampoline for the whole family or take lessons at a leisure center, it’s a great way for everyone to keep fit, without going for runs. And if you’ve got children, you can all have loads of fun together learning new tricks and moves.




  1. Gardening


A tamer option, but one to consider nonetheless. If you love gardening, why not step it up a notch and find your own allotment? You’ll be able to grow more exciting plants, fruits, and vegetables, and have space entirely devoted to your efforts.

All the digging, carrying, lifting and walking will soon have you in shape. It might not be as fast a way as running or cycling, but it’s more fun and you’ll get some gorgeous veggies out of it! Here are some good tips if it will be your first allotment.


  1. Tennis and Ball Sports


Whether you played them as a child or not, getting involved in ball sports is a fun, friendly way to stay fit. You’ll meet lots of new people as they’re nearly always team games, and you’ll be able to get involved in competitions, matches and away days. If your children enjoy ball sports, you could both play the same one – and dazzle family members at summer barbecues!


  1. Cycling


Cycling is a lovely way to stay fit. You don’t even need to think of it as exercise. Simply pack a (healthy!) picnic and set off on your closest cycling route, and see where you end up.


You don’t need to go fast to burn calories, and if you take it steady, you’ll be able to go for longer, which will, in turn, boost your cardio ability. If you’re not keen about cycling on the roads, getting a stationary exercise bike will keep you fit – and you can watch your favorite TV shows while you cycle!




  1. Change your mindset


The most important thing, regardless of which exercise you choose, is to change your mindset and your routine. Work exercise into your daily routine, instead of trying to force it in. The more natural it becomes for you to exercise, the easier it gets. And within no time at all, you’ll be looking back and wondering how you coped without it before.

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