Important Reasons To Stay Active And Exercise As You Age


Why You Should Stay Active As You Age

There are a lot of reasons why we might start to slow down as we get older. It might be due to health problems, being overweight and generally being unfit. As you age, you might even become concerned about falling over, for example. Despite these reasons, it is very important that we stay as active as we can as we age. What is possible for some, might not be possible for others that are a similar age.

The Benefits Of Exercise

The benefits are numerous for staying active as you age. You might get fitter, stronger and it can even help with mood and depression. It can control your weight as you age too. Then you’ll be able to do more for yourself and have more of a feeling of independence. You don’t want to end up needing assistance too soon. Somewhere like Christwood assisted living is great when you are frail. But there is no need to move to an assisted living too early. The more you can do for yourself, the better.



So you might think that you shouldn’t exercise as you might fall. If you fall, it could end up in a broken leg or hip, for example. The fact is that exercise will make you less likely to fall.

As you exercise your muscles will be strengthened, and they will be able to keep you going for longer. Exercise will also help to prevent loss of bone mass. So it is a no-brainer to keep on exercising. As I have said, what someone might do for exercise when they are older isn’t what you might do.


But as long as you can do what you are able, then it will help a lot. It is important to remember that you’re never too old to exercise. You might not want to start with contact sports or marathon running. But building it up gently will make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing. So don’t delay with an exercise program. You can begin at any age!

You might feel that as you get older, your joints hurt and you have more aches and pains. But exercise will help you to improve the feeling of your aches and pains. It could help to eliminate them too. The most important thing is starting off gently, though. If you do something that your body isn’t ready for, then you might end up with a few more aches and pains. So take it slowly and build it up. You will be feeling stronger and fitter in no time!


What can you do if all of this sounds good but you find exercise a little boring? The key is doing something active that you will enjoy. Then you are much more likely to stick at it. It might be worth recruiting a friend to go on walks with you or to play tennis with, for example. You could even do smaller things like walking the golf course, rather than using the golf cart, for instance. Just find something that you enjoy and being active regularly.


  1. Very informative post. My mom is in her late 60s and I have tried to explain to her how important working out is as she has aged. Even if it is walking for half an hour to get her blood going. Also, taking vitamins like calcium for bone strength and density are vital as we all begin to age.

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