How Extreme Sports Junkies Can Protect Their Health

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Extreme Sports And Your Health


For a lot of people, getting a healthy amount of exercise just means a walk around the block every night, or going to an aerobics class a couple of times a week. Others, however, prefer their sports a little more fast-paced. Extreme sports have been rapidly gaining popularity over the past few decades.

While I personally don’t see the appeal in tearing down black runs at breakneck speed or abseiling down sheer cliff faces, some of you might! Protecting your health in the context of extreme sports is incredibly important, so here are a few pointers to keep in mind.


Extreme Sports Facts You Need To Know




First of all, make sure you’re kitted out with all the right gear. Extreme sports carry an incredibly high risk of injury, so the one thing you shouldn’t do when buying gear is think about penny-pinching. Sure, there may be some bargains out there with pre-owned or simply low-quality equipment. However, you can’t put a price on your health!




Although it may impede your experience in other areas, it’s essential that you find high-quality safety equipment, and know how to use it. It’s unfortunately, common for people who are into extreme sports to blow their budget on a main piece of equipment and neglect the ones that really matter. Skateboarders are a prime example of this; spending a small fortune on customized decks and using a sub-standard helmet, or none at all!




Next, make sure you’re listening closely to any expert advice you have access to. No one should ever attempt an extreme sport without making sure they have all the right know-how first. Fortunately, when it comes to things like skiing and snowboarding, you’ll almost always have a resort official who you can rely on for information.

They’ve been where you are, learned from their mistakes, and have probably witnessed some serious accidents. Make sure you’re not taking this bank of knowledge for granted! There could be a certain run where people tend to mess up, or a particular off-piste area where the local air ambulance service can’t land. These experts are there to keep you safe, so let them!



Consult Your Doctor First


Finally, listen to your doctors. This is one piece of advice that’s waved away by a lot of extreme sports practitioners, and far too many have paid dearly for the mistake. You may have an underlying heart or respiratory condition which means that you should avoid high-adrenaline situations or other things like epilepsy which mean that you stand a much higher risk than healthier individuals.

One of the more common situations is where someone sustains an injury doing an extreme sport, which could be far more severe should something similar happen again. The patient ignores this advice, heads straight back to the slopes or the skate park, and sure enough, they suffer an injury that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Always consult your doctor before attempting any extreme sport, and take their advice on anything following it.


If you’re set on pursuing an extreme sport, be sure to take these steps and protect your health as much as possible.

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