Fatigue: What Could Cause A Lack Of Energy

lack of energy explained
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Fatigue: Your Lack Of Energy Explained

Studies have shown that on average, one in five people lack energy. While it’s normal to feel tired from time to time, what’s not normal is to constantly feel exhausted. You see, the chances are that if you’re feeling tired and a power nap or an early night doesn’t fix things, there may be a more serious cause of your fatigue, such as a mental health problem like depression or anxiety. The question is, what are the most common causes of fatigue and what can you do about them? It’s time to find out – below is a guide to the most common causes of a lack of energy and the best ways to deal with them.



You’re drinking too much coffee

Research has revealed that drinking too much coffee on a daily basis can lead to a lack of energy. Often we think of coffee as being an energy boosting drink, thanks to the caffeine. However, as coffee is a stimulant, which means that when you drink it, extra hormones are created within the body, including hormones that make you feel tired.

faitgue and your lack of energy


One cup of coffee won’t do this – you’ll feel great after your first cup, but any more than that and you will start to feel tired. Swap to drinking decaffeinated or limit your coffee intake and you should start to feel more energized.


You are suffering from a fatigue-related health condition

There are various fatigue-related health conditions that are known for causing high levels of tiredness and exhaustion. The good news is that although deliberating, dealing with these types of conditions tends to be fairly straightforward. You see, specialists like Dr. Lam have come up with a range of tips and advice for reducing the amount of fatigue that you feel and giving your health the boost that it needs.

Often, the key is in your diet – commit to making changes and you should see results. For example, if your diet lacks protein, this can cause fatigue to occur. You see protein takes longer than other foods to break down in the body, offering longer lasting energy.

fatigue and your lack of energy

You aren’t active enough

This may sound strange, as surely lacking energy means that you’ve overdone it, but that’s not always the case. Believe it or not, if you’re not active enough – aka doing enough physical exercise each day, it can lead to you feeling sluggish and lacking energy.

The good news is that by being more physically active, you can quickly get out of the slump and get your energy back. However, finding the motivation to workout when you’re exhausted can be a struggle, which is why it’s best to start slow and build up to a faster and more intense workout.

fatigue and your lack of energy

When you lack energy and can’t seem to feel better no matter how many power naps you take, it can be a little worrying, especially as a lack of energy can be a tell-tale sign of a range of serious health conditions. However, for the most part, a lack of energy is simply caused by your lifestyle or minor health problems, as mentioned above.

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