Consuming Enough Fiber? Simple Ways To Add More To Your Diet



Easy Ways To Get More Fiber

So many of us don’t consume enough fiber on a daily basis. And we don’t really get how important it is. But it’s essential as it helps prevent heart disease and diabetes. Also, with enough fiber, it can improve your digestive health. You will experience less bloating on a daily basis if you get enough in your diet.

However, a lot of people don’t know if they are eating enough. You can see some signs of what will happen if you are not getting enough in your diet in this article; high cholesterol is just the start! If you do need to include more fiber, here are some simple ways to add more to your diet for the sake of your health.

Consume some cherries

You wouldn’t think it, but cherries are a wonderful fruit full of fiber. In fact, just by consuming a handful of the sweet fruit, you would have consumed an extra 1.7 grams of fiber. Therefore, it’s time to get buying some cherries for your home. If you don’t fancy them on their own, you could always eat them with a low-fat cream or yogurt as a delicious snack. And you could even consider making a cherry juice if you don’t like the flavor.


Eat more nuts

A lot of us don’t eat enough nuts. But they are actually an excellent way to ensure you get enough in your diet. Therefore, to ensure you stay healthy, you should try and add them to your diet. You might want to make a delicious peanut sauce for your stir fry.

Or you could even enjoy some roasted cashew nuts this Christmas time. And if you look on sites similar to, you can find lots of different macadamia nuts which are full of fiber. You could eat these as a snack in the morning or early evening.


Eat plenty of black and kidney beans

It’s time to start consuming more chili as black and kidney beans are both great forms of fiber! In fact, in an average cup of black beans, you can find about 15 grams of fiber. And they are full of antioxidants that can keep us healthy. Kidney beans are also a top choice for your diet as they are full of iron. You could add these to a curry or a wrap. Therefore, consume plenty of them both to get enough fiber in your diet!


Eat an avocado

Avocados have gained popularity in the last few years. And it’s no wonder as it’s a superfood which can keep your healthy. And one thing you might not know about it is it’s a great form of fiber. As

As reveals, if you eat one whole avocado, you would have consumed 10 grams! Therefore, add these to your daily diet to ensure you stay healthy.




And remember your breakfast can also ensure you start the day off well. A bowl of oatmeal or a whole grain cereal will ensure you get a good start on your daily fiber intake.


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