What You Should Do At Your First Fitness Class

Best Tips When Starting A Fitness Class

January’s a great time to start a class or course as the chances are there’ll be at least a couple of new faces in the group. However, it can be hard to shake the ‘new kid at school’ feeling along with what to wear, leggings and t-shirt is always good, along with wondering if your classmates will be super friendly and chatty after or prefer to keep things calm, cool, professional. It can be daunting enough walking in somewhere for the first time but if you follow our helpful tips you’ll soon be feeling like one of the gang in no time.  

Make Sure You Do Your Research Beforehand


Firstly, check out the basics and familiarize yourself when, where and what the class is all about. Be honest with yourself and assess your fitness level correctly, as you might find yourself struggling in an intermediate session when you would have been better off signing up for the beginner’s slot.

Have a look at some simple moves, yoga poses or CrossFit buzzwords so you can see what style, pace, and level the class is, there are at least five different styles of say yoga, and if you think you’d enjoy it. See how far away the studio is, have a dry run if necessary, and check out the FAQ section as that’s where common questions about clothing, equipment, and fees are asked.


Introduce Yourself To The Instructor


The best thing to do is email or phone them beforehand and let them know who you are and when you’ll be attending. Make sure you arrive early, walking into a fitness class even five minutes late is a big no-no, and walk straight up to them with a friendly smile on your face – no you might not feel confident but trust us it’ll help. Good fitness instructors have attended a fair number of personal training courses and are fully qualified to lead classes so they’ll be used to dealing with new nervous and flustered pupils.

Simply refresh their memory as to who you are and listen carefully as they talk you through the class structure asking any questions if you need to. The chances are they’ll keep an extra eye on the newbies, normally popping you in the middle, so don’t worry about being ignored once the class gets going.


Be Confident And Arrive Alone


We know that it’s a little scary starting a fitness class but by arriving by yourself it’ll give you a chance to chat with people instead of just standing to gossip with your friend. If you can’t handle the idea of going alone, take someone who already does the class. In theory, another newbie is a great comfort, but in practice, you’ll be less motivated to take it seriously as you’ll be laughing over how silly you look.

Worse, you’ll complain about how hard it all is instead of focusing on what you’re meant to be doing. Try not to ask too many questions during the class as it’ll disrupt both the instructor’s and the classes concentration, simply try to copy the moves as best as you can and simply speak to them once the cool- down has finished and the class ends.

It is exciting starting a fitness class and there are things you need to know before you start. Be Healthy

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