The Gene-ius Of Genes: The Truth About Genetics And Your Health


Genes And Our Health: Facts You Need To Know

Anatomy Is Amazing

The human body is a marvelous thing as it has a remarkable number of systems and organs that work together to keep us all healthy. For instance, without the immune system, we just wouldn’t be able to fight off infections and diseases. If there were no digestive system, your body wouldn’t be able to get all the important nutrition that it needs. A body without the circulation and respiratory systems would not be able to survive for very long at all!



And there is one group of things that is behind all of these systems, which helps them run in the correct way that they should. They also help our body develop them correctly in the first place – and these are the genes! Every single cell in the body has a set of genes in it which help it work to the best of its ability. But that’s not all that genes do – here are some awesome facts that will help you understand your genes and body a lot better!


We Get Our Genes Off Our Parents


We all inherit our genes from our parents. And they will have inherited theirs from their parents, and so on. So, it’s fair to say that your genes will have already passed down a lot of generations in your family! And it is because of this that we often look so much like other members of our family. But this also brings problems, as it means certain diseases and illnesses are passed from parents to children.


But technology and new medical developments, such as genetic therapy for cancer and other inherited illnesses, are now helping to speed up the diagnoses of these conditions. It also means that people who are at high risk of developing certain inherited illnesses can now know at a very early stage, which helps them to get the best possible treatment as early as possible.




The Environment Also Plays A Big Part


The genes we are born with are the ones that we take with us through the whole of our lives. There is nothing that can be done to change these. However, many studies now show that the environment has a bigger effect on them than many scientists had originally believed. In fact, our diets, exposure to toxins, and physical activity can all change the influence that our genes have over our body. These changes can be both good and bad.


Mutations Can Occur


There are trillions of cells in our bodies so there is no wonder that there is a chance that something could go wrong in one of these cells. And that is normally when a gene mutation occurs. More often than not, our body recognizes when a harmful mutation occurs and destroys the cell in question. But sometimes this mutated cell gets through the net, and this is when illnesses like cancer may start to develop. But not all these mutations are bad – some can actually benefit the species and help it to evolve!
Our genes really are gene-ius!

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