How To Get Fit And Create The Perfect Home Gym


Working Out At Home


For some people, the buzz of the gym and the competitive atmosphere is almost addictive. For others, however, it can be an intimidating and crowded environment. Some people too may just find it difficult to be able to fit a trip to the gym into their daily schedule.

After all, everyone has busy lives, whether it’s with work, family or a mixture of the two. With that in mind, it’s little wonder that many people are now opting to invest in a home gym. If you have a world of exercise at your fingertips at home, there’s no excuse for not being able to get your exercise in!

 It is recommended that we do thirty minutes of exercise per day, so having a home gym is a perfect way to reach this goal. Here’s what the perfect home gym should include.


What You Need In Your Home Gym


Barbell And Weights

If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up and increase your overall fitness, there’s nothing quite like a good set of weights. Unless you’re eating a high carb, high protein diet, you won’t get too muscular.



 A common concern for many women when they consider taking up weightlifting. Exercising with weights actually has plenty of different benefits. Although they do, of course, strengthen your muscles. In fact, studies have shown that exercising with weights can help you lose 40% more body fat, compared to exercising without weights. This is because when you exercise without weights or engage in cardio, your body loses muscle mass as well.

 Using weights in your workout routine means that you will burn solely fat, which is what helps shift the pounds. Try a barbell with a few different weight plates or varying sizes of dumb bells. Just don’t forget to buy a cushioned mat too, as this will keep you safe if for any reason you drop a weight.



Using an elliptical trainer is a great way to get your cardio in. It is generally a low-intensity form of exercise, which means it doesn’t harm your bones or joints as much as regular running does. If you have weak joints or are carrying a little extra weight, an elliptical could be a perfect addition to your home gym.

 With an elliptical, you also have the added benefit of it working out your whole body, as you use your arms as well. Studies show that exercising on an elliptical trainer also improves balance, core strength, and agility. Continue reading this if you need more information on which elliptical will work in your home gym.

A Rack

Buying a rack for your home gym may be expensive, but you need to remember that you can get a large number of workouts out of this one piece of equipment.

 Areas you can work out on a rack include the arms, shoulders, and legs. If you’re willing to buy a few extras for your rack, you could also start using a pull-up bar to really work those arms and your core. The only downside with a rack is that they are fairly large, so make sure you have enough space and that it is safe and secure.

Remember to always exercise caution with equipment. Working out at home can be convenient and save you money. Always learn to properly use any exercise equipment.


  1. YES! I have recently gotten my butt back in the “weight room”. There is a fitness center in my apartment which kicks butt – it doesn’t have EVERYTHING but it has enough to make my arm muscles POP and I love it! 🙂

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