Struggling To Get Pregnant? Try These Natural Fertility-Boosting Methods


How To Boost Fertility

If you’re finding getting pregnant is more challenging that you thought, you are not alone. Many women find themselves feeling confused when they don’t become pregnant straight away. While some couples seem to conceive quickly and with little effort, for others it can take months or years to get pregnant.

Conception is a complicated process that can be affected by a variety of different factors from hormones to stress. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do to improve your pregnancy chances. These fertility-boosting methods are natural and could help you get pregnant sooner rather than later.


Lose Weight



In addition to being bad for your health, being overweight can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. It can cause disruptions in your ovulation and monthly cycles which can make it difficult to get pregnant naturally.





This is why losing weight is one of the most highly recommended ways of boosting fertility. You should also encourage your partner to lose weight if they need to. Being overweight can affect your man’s sperm count, which will reduce your chances even more. So ditch junk food and replace it will healthy foods instead.

You will need to start a daily exercise regime too. You could also consider contacting Naturopaths like Hayden Keys, to help you lose your excess weight. The natural remedies used in naturopathy can also be used to boost fertility by balancing out your hormones.




Eat Organic

Recent studies have found that pesticides can significantly affect fertility in both men and women. Pesticides are sprayed onto fruit and vegetable crops, to kill insects and weeds. But they become embedded into the produce too. So when you eat these products, you are eating the pesticides too.

This can disrupt your monthly cycle and stop your ovaries functioning correctly. Eating pesticides can also cause a reduction in sperm and makes them ineffective. This can make conception even more challenging. To prevent this from happening, try to eat organic fruit and vegetables instead. These can be found from most reputable grocery stores and are a much healthier option. Don’t forget to wash thoroughly before consuming.




Reduce Stress

Stress can have a significant impact on our overall health, but can also reduce the chances of fertility too. It has been found to cause imbalances in your hormones which in turn can affect your menstrual cycle. If you find yourself feeling stressed constantly, your body might even stop ovulating altogether.

This understandably could hinder your chances of getting pregnant. So no matter what you are feeling stressed about, you need to reduce it if you want to conceive. Drinking chamomile tea, getting a massage and exercising regularly can all help you to destress. They can also get your hormone levels back on track. So find what works for you and practice it regularly to improve your chances.



So start using these simple fertility boosting methods today to increase your chances of getting pregnant. There is no guarantee that they will work immediately or at all. But if they can help you become parents, they are definitely worth trying. If you are still concerned, make an appointment with your doctor straight away.

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