Love And Getting Fit: Tips To Start A Healthier Lifestyle With Your Partner

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The Benefits Of Getting Fit Together

Have you noticed that it is a lot easier to build a healthy lifestyle when you are single than when you are in a relationship? All we want in the end is to get healthier, and while there are plenty of tips to get started on your own, there are a lot less when it comes down to couples getting fit. This is a pity because there are three very good reasons why it is a lot better to embrace a new fitness regime as a couple. Brace yourself and discover the secret behind 1 + 1 = fit.


Healthy Eating In A Couple: Not An Impossible Dream

Changing your eating habits is never easy, but it is even worse if, while you are trying, your second half can still eat all the sweets that you are denying yourself. First of all, before you start convincing your partner to turn to healthy eating, you need to understand one important thing: Healthy meals for two can be delicious and nutritious.

It doesn’t mean starving yourselves but choosing foods that are organic, and contain less fat than processed meals. While this still means that you will need to both change your eating habits, using yummy recipes and buying only healthy foods will limit your cravings for quick and harmful sugar! Besides, it’s easy to stick to healthy food if both of you are doing it together.


Healthy Relationships: Love Your Physical And Mental Health

The most destructive factor in a relationship is the absence of discussion; this makes it easier for you or your partner to grow estranged, and this can have a dramatic impact on your mood. So, the first piece of advice is to talk more often. Sometimes, all you need to do is to turn the TV off and tell each other about your days.

Then remember to love better: Be attentive and never take your partner for granted. While this helps to maintain your relationship strong, it also is a source of mental strength. Last, but certainly not least, you might want to read about the health benefits of sex, as this can reduce your blood pressure and consume hundreds of calories per hour. Thinking about it, you have no more excuse to ignore your libido anymore!



Fitness Workouts Together Work Better

If a couple workout is a new thing for you, you should know that it is a trendy topic in social media and that you will find plenty of inspiration online from yoga to boxing, and much more! Getting fit as a couple is not only fun, it is also super motivating as you are with someone you trust and are more likely to work harder.

Besides, there are plenty of advantages of getting fit together, such as keeping you on track, as none of you can train without the other, and building a strong bond in your relationship. Sweating together can be a lot of fun too: This is a different mood than following a fitness class or going to the gym. As you discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses, every fitness improvement will be noticeable and will feel like a victory.




  1. My husband will never eat what I eat. I eat a lot of green leafy veggies. He reminds me that he is not a rabbit.
    We used to workout together, but he joined a different gym recently. But we leave the house at the same time to go to the gym. Does that count?

    1. umm no lol. I think men are so afraid of green food lol. Well even taking a walk together could be working out together. Thanks for reading

  2. Aww, that sounds so good and I am sure, the relationship would benefit from that big time. How much fun and sexyness can that be … problem: It takes 2 to tango !! With a lazy partner who takes Churchill’s “Sport is Mord”
    very serious, working out together to be ticked off …. as ‘Mission Impossible’.

    1. I hear ya. I think there are a few physical activities that might add some diversity to your workout that you both would like. Thanks for reading

  3. Completely true. My husband has to contend with junk food hoarder/lover/obsessor (me) and the why don’t we wait another week before going on our “romantic” runs. Poor guy.

    1. haha @ romantic runs. My husband is very thin and competitive so working out together can be interesting. Thanks for reading

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