Getting Your Fitness Journey Off To An Incredible Start

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The Ultimate Guide To Jumpstarting Your Fitness Journey


The number one resolution ever new year is always to lose weight and workout! We always have the best intentions but many times we give up after a few months. Starting is the hardest part. It always was for me too, really every time I worked out and that’s why I wrote this guide to starting your fitness journey. This guide will help you to get things moving!


Come Up With A Set Of Goals

If you want to get your fitness journey off to the best start, you need to come up with a set of goals. You won’t get very far if you don’t have goals. You might just think that you want to get healthier, but that in itself is a goal. Would you like to drop a dress size, get better at pull ups, or run faster? These are all great goals to have. Come up with your own goals so you know exactly what you need to be doing in your fitness journey to achieve it.

Record Your Measurements, Weight, Etc

Before you begin doing anything, it’s a really good idea to record your measurements, weight, and anything else that will help you to see how far you’ve come later on. Every week you can then do the exact same thing again. Straight away you might make huge results, but don’t expect these to last forever. Results will eventually slow down, but that’s fine. Slow progress is normal and better than no progress. You just have to keep going.


All you need to bear in mind here is that it’s not all about your weight. Weight can go up but your body size can shrink depending on the kind of training you’re doing. As long as you feel great and you can physically see a difference, that’s all that really matters!



Get Into A Routine You Can Manage

Don’t bite off more than you can chew at first. Get into a routine that you can manage. You could start with just 3 workouts a week, and slowly build yourself up if you feel like it. However, as long as you’re always focusing on improving in your workouts and your diet outside of the gym is great, you will still get results! That’s why being smarter is the best thing, not necessarily working harder.


Learn As Much As You Can

Don’t just take other fitness freak’s word for it. Make an effort to learn as much as you can. Youtube is a godsend when it comes to nutrition and training advice. The more you learn, the better equipped you’ll be to make your own smart decisions without the need to rely on others. Also, bear in mind that some people out there will sell generic advice to you. Be careful about who you trust! You should be careful of certain plans and meal guides. For example, the

Also, bear in mind that some people out there will sell generic advice to you. Be careful about who you trust! You should be careful of certain plans and meal guides. For example, the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. These plans aren’t for everyone.  


Don’t Forget That Food Is As Important As Exercise

You can’t exercise all the time and expect that to make you fit if you’re eating all the wrong foods. Moderation and balance is key to any fitness regime. Food is just as important, if not more important than exercise. Make sure you’re filling your cupboards with the healthy stuff rather than the rubbish stuff. Learn how to read nutritional labels and make smart choices wherever possible. Sure, still live your life. Just make sure you choose what you eat wisely as much as possible!


Have A Set Day And Time To Record Your Aesthetic/Feeling Progress

You want to have a set day and time to record your aesthetic process so you can accurately measure how you’re doing. It’s a good idea to do it on the same day of the week, at the same time. This way, you get a more accurate picture. Make sure you don’t get too caught up in the aesthetics of it all too. If you feel incredible but you haven’t lost inches or weight, don’t worry! Progress will come, and the important thing is that you feel good!


Remember To Make A Note Of Your Exercise Progress Too

As well as making a note of how you’re shaping up, make sure you make a note of your exercise progress too. Are you getting stronger? Faster? Make a note of it! This is why it’s such a good idea to take a little notebook with you to the gym, so you can record it as you go along. You’ll then be able to look at it the next time you go and aim to improve, even if it’s just by one rep.


Change Your Goals If You Need To

Eventually, there will likely come a time when you need to change or update your goals. This might be because you’ve lost fat and want to build muscle, for instance. Make sure you always have a realistic and achievable set of long term and short term goals for the best results.


Don’t Let Yourself Get Bored

If you get bored of your plan, you’ll likely give up. You may love a plan at first and then begin to resent doing it if you do it for too long. Consider doing the same thing for just 4 weeks before changing, for instance. Switching things up will help you to avoid hitting a plateau and help you to get even better results.

Avoid The False Starts

There are so many false starts for people when they decide to start a fitness journey. What’s a false start? Buying running shoes but failing to go running. Buying a fitness tracker for the novelty and expecting it to encourage you to workout. These things won’t work unless you do. Don’t get caught up in all the false starts and make sure you actually take action to reach your goals.


What are you waiting for? Get your fitness journey off to an incredible start with these tips. You’ll feel amazing and build up momentum! Do you have tips of your own? Leave them below. Bye for now!

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