3 Simple Steps to a Greener Lifestyle

greener lifestyle

Greener Lifestyle Tips To Get Healthy

Everyone talks about being greener and taking better care of the environment but putting words into actions is more difficult than it sounds. There is so much conflicting information out there that trying to figure out what will actually help without taking too much effort is a job in itself.

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Being green should be an easy thing to incorporate into any modern lifestyle but where do you start? Well, there are a few little tricks and tips you might want to know about before you take the plunge and move to the wilderness to farm bees.

Use Less Electricity

Yes, its that simple. Electricity is a modern marvel but unfortunately, it takes a lot of oil to produce. Reducing your electricity consumption will make an instant difference to the environment and to your pocket!

Make sure that you turn off all your electricals, like your computer, off at night. Even on sleep mode, your computer is using up energy. You should also make sure that you switch off lights in the rooms you aren’t using. Try putting a sticker on the light switch so your kids (and you) don’t forget to turn it off when they leave the room. You should also make sure that all light bulbs are energy efficient and don’t give off lots of heat.


It’s easy to persuade yourself that recycling is the best thing to do – it’s better than landfill after all. But reusing is even better. If you can really make the most out of a product and keep reusing it over a long period of time, that is much better than it being recycled and reproduced over and over again.

Here are a few things you should be reusing:

  • Water bottles
  • Plastic bag
  • Scrap paper
  • Cloth diapers
  • Glass jars

All of these things have many different uses and there really is no reason to throw them away. Ladies might also consider switching from disposable pads and tampons to a diva or moon cup which can be reused again and again perfectly hygienically.  

And if you want to make use of other people’s old stuff or have something you want to pass on, why not try a site like Freecycle?

You Are What You Eat

Food is incredibly important and in our modern lives, it’s easy to forget that most foods are seasonal because we are used to the idea that they are in season somewhere so will appear in the shops. Flying food in from around the world is a huge waste of energy when there are so many things you could be growing at home.

Whole foods are undoubtedly better than the processed junk we have all learned to crave and eating with the calendar is a great way to get back to your roots. Actually, there are plenty of inspiring reasons to eat more natural foods, even if you don’t fully leave junk food behind.

Choosing a greener lifestyle diet to suit you may take a bit of research and experimentation but there are all sorts of advice and personal experience stories to look into on Sound Body Life. This couple seems to have tried everything in their pursuit of a greener, healthier diet so their comments are well worth a read if you are unfamiliar with things like the Paleo diet.

3 Simple Steps to a Greener Lifestyle

Greener is Better

A greener lifestyle requires a little bit of rethinking when it comes to your current lifestyle and figuring out where you can make the necessary changes. Being green shouldn’t be about throwing off modern life completely, we should be making the most of what we have and enjoying our lives as much as we can. Knowing which changes will have the biggest impact with the least effort is definitely knowledge worth passing on to friends and family!

Once you have conquered these first steps into the green lifestyle, how about trying something else?. Maybe you could switch to a greener electricity supplier or even install solar panels on your roof to start producing your own green energy. Maybe you could dedicate part of your garden to a vegetable patch or adopt some chickens.

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However, you choose to enjoy a greener lifestyle, doing that extra bit will make a real difference. Don’t be put off by those people who think that a small difference makes no difference or feel that your efforts will never amount to much. If everyone made one small change to the way they live, imagine how great a difference that would make!

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