Health And Fitness Fads You Should Run Screaming From

The Fitness Fads You Should Run Screaming From

Diet & Fitness Fads Truths You Need To Know

If you are new to fitness, you are a prime target for the many fitness fads that are to be found all over the place. From respected magazines to the murkiest corners of the internet, people are espousing all manner of fitness regimes, and although many of them are nothing more than unnecessary fads that could do more harm than good.


Of course, because they are so ubiquitous, it can be hard to work out which fitness tips are fads that you should avoid and which are backed by good science and experience, which is why I have put together the following list of fitness fads that you should (mostly) avoid.


Low Carb Diets


Although there are many people who have seen very quick results when using a low carb diet, much of the initial weight loss is water, and in the long-term this fad diet performs no better than a calorie controlled diet, so there is no reason at all to follow the crowd and ditch the carbs if you enjoy them.


If you happen to be diabetic, or you find that carbs give you cravings or make you feel fatigued, however, then eating a few less carbs may help you feel healthier and get in control of your eating, but it isn’t a panacea, and you don’t have to go to the extremes of eating little more than bacon and eggs all day every day!


Spending Money on Expensive Fitness Regimes


These days, the internet is jam-packed with people telling you that they have the answer to your fitness woes for only $19.99 per month. Most of these people aren’t selling anything you couldn’t get by applying a bit of common sense. For example, if you click here you will see a review of one such fitness regime, which points out all that is wrong with these kinds of products.


So, don’t be fooled sales pitch one you can get all the information you need to get fit either for free or at a much lower cost than the average online program will all its extraordinary claims.

The Fitness Fads You Should Run Screaming From

Going Gluten Free


More people than ever are choosing to live a gluten free life, but unless you have an actual gluten intolerance, there really is no need to waste your money on overly expensive gluten products. When it comes to losing weight and getting healthy, all that matters is that you eat a healthy balanced diet, which is short on junk food and high on nutrients. Eating gluten as part of a varied diet will do you absolutely no harm whatsoever!




You’ve probably seen the high-octane commercials for this exercise program, and you may well have been enticed by the extremely fit people pumping it out on the screen, but unless you’re already very fit, CrossFit is probably more hassle than it’s worth.


Countless people who have bought the system have got nothing more than torn muscles, back strains and all manner of bodily strains from CrossFit, which is hardly surprising because it features a lot of high-level exercises, which encourage people to push much more weight than they can handle. If you really want to try CrossFit, wait until you have been training for a while to tackle it and you may then see some results without any of the risks.

The Fitness Fads You Should Run Screaming From

Eating Little and Often


Eating a small meal every two hours is the mantra of many a health conscious fitness fanatic but is it really necessary? Not really. Although it is often said that eating every two hours will boost your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine, when you actually look at the scientific research, you will find that the boost is so minuscule that it will hardly make any difference at all. So, if you prefer to eat three decent meals a day, as long as you don’t overindulge, and a large part of your diet is fruit and veg, go ahead.


Water Fasting


Probably the worst of the fitness fads in the list, water fasting is a worrying trend, which encourages dieters to give up food entirely for a period as long as 40 days. Fans of fasting say that this will reset your system, clear up a whole host of problems and help you lose weight, and although you could see losses of as much as one pound a day, it is hardly a healthy way to go about it! What’s more, as soon as you start eating normal food again, all of those pounds will return, plus a few more, in a short amount of time.


If fasting does appeal to you, you might want to look into intermittent fasting, which is much more healthy, sensible and effective than the dangerous practice of water fasting can ever be, It’s also much easier to stick to than the average diet of any kind.


Switching Your workouts


There are some fitness ‘experts’ who say that you should never perform the same workouts two days running, or that you need to try a new exercise at least on a weekly basis. There is absolutely no scientific basis for these fitness fads and beyond the fact that you should train different muscle groups on different days to get the most benefit.


Exercise is primarily about working muscles and burning calories, and you can do this whether you do the same exercise every day or you switch it up, it really doesn’t matter! What does matter is that you push yourself? If you continue to exercise at the same pace for the rest of your life, you won’t see much progress, but if you continue to work harder and do more as you get fitter, you should have no trouble seeing the results you desire.

The truth about health and fitness fads and which one you should avoid

What this post is really saying is, that if you want to lose weight, the old adages of eating less and move more, combined with a healthy dose of willpower will do much more for you than the latest fitness fads and they are much cheaper and more sensible to boot!


  1. wonderful post. Thanks for sharing this blog. I totally agree with most of the things you said here in your post specially about water fasting and eating small amount of food every 2 hours. Good diet is about eating well balanced food and having routine exercise. You don’t need to do extreme workout or eating less to get fit and healthy.
    Drinking lots of water helps but eating no solid food at all and drinking just plain water is suicidal.
    I’m just wondering why crossfit is becoming popular nowadays?

    1. Well we bring all the information but in all honesty I am not for Crossfit. I believe the popularity springs from our obsession with extreme sports and quick results

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