Health Isn’t Cheap – How Do You Get The Most For Your Money?

moneyHealth And Your Money: How To Manage Healthcare Costs

There is a sad fact of life that we all come to recognize: being healthy costs money.

For example, we’re told that organic fruit and vegetables might be better for us. So we want to buy them, only to find they are double the price of what we previously paid. If you want to improve your physique via surgery after many a failed diet, then the gastric balloon cost begins to look daunting. Even something so simple as exercise has a premium on it – ┬áif you want to use up-to-date equipment and talk to an expert about what workout regime might work for you.

If money is tight or you are always looking for a good deal, these costs can begin to look prohibitive. It doesn’t take long for the cost-cutting alternatives to look preferable. Cheap oven pizza starts to look superior to those organic leafy greens; you just pick up another diet plan; you decide that sit-ups in front of the TV are better than nothing.

While we can’t arrange for you to win the lottery, there are a few ideas we can suggest for getting the biggest bang for your buck.


#1 – Prioritize The Help You Need The Most


There are so many different areas of health and wellness to focus on – enough to eat through your entire salary given the chance. The key here is not to spread your resources too thin.

Struggled to keep weight off for years? Prioritize surgery. Have a chronic pain condition you are struggling to manage? Spend your cash on acupuncture in the quest for a pain-free life. Are you having issues maintaining energy throughout the day? Invest in B12 treatment.



If you have a myriad of different problems, then focus on the one that troubles you the most over an average seven-day period. When that’s resolved, you can concentrate elsewhere.


#2 – Be A Savvy Shopper

Just because it’s health products doesn’t mean the general rules of being a savvy shopper go out of the window. Ensure you:

  • Always compare prices; never buy from the first place you find. This includes surgical procedures, too!
  • Look for ways of making some of the money back, such as cashback sites.
  • Never buy anything without looking for a coupon for it.
  • If you find a deal on an item you’re going to use regularly, stock up while it’s at a good price.
  • It may feel strange asking for quotes and comparing prices the same way you would when buying a toaster, but the basic principle still applies.


#3 – Talk About Payment Plans

If you are considering some form of surgical or therapeutic treatment, then talk to the provider about payment plans. Many clinics accept these plans as they make treatment more accessible. They might want to run a credit check, so be aware of this if you do decide to apply. Others might accept an upfront payment of a portion of the balance and then the rest paid by monthly debit. All you can do is ask if it’s available – everyone loves a trier!

We all want to keep our Healthcare costs down and make sure the money we are spending is right. Hope these tips help.

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