Health Management: 3 Things You Wish You’d Known Earlier

Health Management: Fact VS Fiction


When it comes to staying healthy, there is so much information at your fingertips. But the problem is, it can be hard to separate the good from the bad. But there are still things you can learn about health management by doing a little research. Just like the suggestions below.


Eastern and Western Medicine Are Not Enemies!


One of the biggest misnomers of health management is that you have to pick a school of thought. Either East or West. Western medicine is what we have access to via our local medical professionals. It is based on scientific evidence, with properly sampled research.


On the other hand, Eastern medicine is focused on treating the issue in a more holistic way.

Eastern medicine often takes an approach, which includes not only how different parts of the body can affect each other, but also how the mind and spirit affect the body as well.


This perspective has been used to criticize the western view as overly symptom focused. That is that they only look at the surface issues that are presenting and treat those.


The thing is you don’t have to pick one school of though, you can actually use both. Instead of seeing the Eastern approach as alternative therapies, it is more useful to reframe them as complementary therapies and methods. To be completed alongside traditional Western treatments.


Remember, though, to ensure your own safety, you should always check with your doctor before taking any other medicines or therapies. As the Western model of medicine is now starting to be a little more open to Eastern thought, you might be surprised as to how positive they are about combining the two.


There are ways of coping with chronic pain


For many people, chronic pain is something they suffer with on a day to day basis. Its eats away at the quality of their lives, and their energy. But it isn’t something that you just have to put up with. There are ways of treating it, as well as ways of learning to relate to it better so that it bothers you less.



Many folks with chronic pain have to use prescribed medication to get on with their lives. However, there are other options. For example, there are now technological advances in pain management like light laser treatments and TENS machines. Treatments such as these, allow patients to control their pain without being reliant on meds.


Or you could choose to use mindfulness as a way of changing your relationship and reaction to the pain. The idea is that through being mindful, you no longer fuse with any and every thought that pops into your head like “This is painful.”


Instead, there is a space to observe the thought and choose whether you will act on it. So instead of immediately stopping because you are getting the message “This is painful,” you can mindfully test to see whether you could move or not and work through the pain.


You know you body best



Another thing you probably always knew, but wish you had acknowledged earlier is that you, and not your doctor knows your own body the best. Yes, they have the training and skills to help you identify what is going wrong. But if you feel something is up and they disagree you can always ask for a second opinion.
When dealing with Health Management and care it’s best to have all the facts. I hope this post helps you o your journey to managing your health.

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