Could These Health Myths Be Stopping You From Living A Happy Life?

Health Myths: Truth And Fiction

Trying to define what being healthy means can be an impossible task. In some ways, it’s objective, as it will always mean something different to everyone. But, it can also be quite rigid, as being in good health is often seen by the masses (and even doctors) as a one size fits all mold, not to be broken.


When you’re on a journey to your own levels of optimal health, you may try to learn along the way. But, as you do, it’s likely that you’ll run into a few truths, and a lot more lies. No, not lies, that’s probably too hard – they’re often more like myths. You may choose to believe everything, but sometimes, you could be stopping yourself from living happy and healthy by sticking to myths that are often exaggerated or completely false.

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Red Meat Is Bad For You


You’ll often find that a lot of people avoid red meat like the plague. That could be their own choice, what’s been recommended to them after having a heart attack, or because they’ve read that red meat is bad for you. When that’s not strictly true. Beef is actually packed full of protein. You can find that some cuts are very lean and contain little fat. Like other things in life, red meat can be harmless in moderation.


More Is More


Exercise is tricky to get right. Usually, you’ll find that if you’re doing it, you’re doing something right. But, people tend to believe different things when it comes to how much exercise you need to be doing. Some will say 30 minutes a day; others will be adamant that it’s more and some will even say they require very little (which is maybe not true either). However, one thing’s for sure, working out too much isn’t that great. In fact, less is more. Rest and recovering is just important in your journey to health as the exercise itself. Listen to your body and you’ll soon find a happy balance that works for you.


Dental Check-Ups Stop At Childhood


For some reason, a lot of adults don’t go to the dentist. As children, we’re told to go every six months, or even more. And, we do it (even if it is because our parents or schools have made us). But, as we get into adulthood, not everyone is a fan of sticking to their checkups. In fact, they can often think of them as unnecessary, which is a huge myth

 Keeping up to date with you dental checkups and hygiene is crucial. You can even use sites like to find a local dentist and stop making excuses!


Always Avoid Carbs

Regardless of the diet that you choose to follow in life, whether that’s high fat, high protein or all of the above, you’ll find that everyone has their opinion on what’s considered ‘healthy’. It’s highly likely that you’ll also come across those that swear carbs are bad. A lot of people choose not to eat them, while some choose their carbs wisely. However, it’s important to realize that the idea of carbs being the devil are health myths. In fact, you need them (find out why here –!

[pullquote align=”normal”]Health Myths can often really confuse us with so many experts saying different things. Following the measure that too much of anything isn’t a good thing and everything in moderation can help create more balance for a healthy life [/pullquote]


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