Health Watch: Top Prevention Tips For A Long, Healthy Life



Prevention Tips For A Long, Healthy Life

Prevention Tip 1: Exercise

If you’ve ever been in an accident or your body has been under severe strain at all in your lifetime, you could be suffering from hidden ailments. As your body gets older, it’s crucial that you work out what keeps you healthy. What may have suited you while you were in you teens or twenties could be completely wrong for you now.

If you used to run a 4-minute mile, you might now find this impossible. In fact, your body could be suffering from stresses that you put it under when you were fitter and healthier. You may not even know there’s a problem until you feel that pain, It’s worth being precautious and looking after your body at all times. Then, if there is a problem that arises you already know how best to look after it. Prevention will be so much better for you than if you have to fix yourself once you are broken.




Prevention Tip 2: Healthy Eating

We’re living in a society that is more aware of food allergies than ever before. Coeliac is rising all the time and food intolerances or on the up. One common problem that people find they have with their diet is a dairy intolerance. Dairy could be causing you to feel sick and giving you an upset stomach. If you completely remove dairy from your diet, though, you could face other troubling symptoms. Osteoporosis is a bone disease which can be brought on by a lack of calcium in your diet. If you do have to give up dairy, it’s essential that you get the advice of a dietician and find out how else you can infuse calcium into your diet. Many green vegetables contain calcium as do some nuts.


Prevention Tip 3: Bone Health

As previously mentioned, your bones need special care and prevention is key. They are the things after all that keep your body strong and upright. Without healthy bones, you’ll feel weak, and you will suffer aches and pain. A healthy way to approach this is to attend regular Pilates classes. You also need to make sure you make use of Chiropractic Medicine in your everyday routine. Speak to trusted specialists and try to make time for this every single week. Don’t let your bones suffer. The earlier you start taking care of yourself, they better you’ll feel as you get older.


Prevention Tip 4: Sleep



Sleep is without a doubt one of  the most healing gifts. A restorative night of sleep can help you back on the track to health if you have been feeling worse for wear. Sleeping in a peaceful and serene environment will help stress dilapidate and will ward off physical ailments.





When your mind is tired, your body will struggle to keep up, and you’ll suffer. Turn off any electrical devices before you go to bed and do something relaxing like taking a bath or reading to ease your mind into rest. You’re guaranteed to wake up with a fresh and new perspective.

Prevention today is smart for taking care of your health today and later on. How do you take care of your own health every day? Share your own prevention tips!


  1. Hi Heidi,

    Thank you for the lovely post. After we get married and have kids, they become the central figure of our lives. We tend to be cautious about their health and their comfort. In all this love and care for them, we often neglect our own health.
    As we are heading towards oldage, we need to take extra care of ourselves. The points you enlisted are really noteworthy. Bone health degrading is a rising concern amongst adults. Yes, you are right. Visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis would help solving this out. He would thus,help us in keeping our bones healthy. Thank you again.


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