The Amazing Health & Wellness Benefits Of Green Tea

green tea

Want To Live Longer And Look Better: Just Drink Green Tea


What if we told you there is a drink that could drastically lower your chances of heart disease, stroke, respiratory issues and premature death if drank once a day? You would drink it without question, right. Even if it tasted like washing detergent mixed with vinegar, you would probably pinch your nose and drink it. Well, we have some great news because there is such a drink and it tastes delicious. It’s called Green Tea.


That’s right, Green Tea, the drink that almost immeasurably high in goodness (or as science likes to call it polyphenols, which are awesome antioxidants), can do everything we mentioned above. But here comes the best bit because all that great stuff is just the tip of the iceberg.


So, if preventing heart disease and all that wasn’t enough to convince you Green Tea is the way to go, here are a bunch of other motivators that see you boil that kettle.


Burns Calories

That’s right, you could maximize all that effort you have been putting in at the gym by enjoying a nice cup of the green stuff. That is because Green Tea is packed full of catechins, which science says is great at boosting a person’s metabolism and burning calories at a far faster rate. This is amazing news, huh.


No More Hangovers

We all like a tipple now again, whether it is a strong Martini after work or a chilled bottle of anything white and French on a Friday night. Well, you can counteract this little weakness of yours with a pot of Green Tea, which will help you operate like new come Saturday morning. Oh, and those polyphenols we mentioned, they help to prevent liver disease too.




Boosts The Brain

Green Tea has been proved to perk up the brain a lot. Not a little bit, a lot. Seriously. It has been known to help everything from attentiveness to memory, even Lewy Body Dementia, in which you can find out more at How is this possible? Well, on top of the polyphenols, Green Tea also boasts a ton of theanine, which elevates the levels of dopamine in the brain and you can never have too much dopamine.


Look Younger


 On top of all these really amazing health benefits that can help you feel younger, Green Tea can also help you look younger. It doesn’t get any better than that, right? This is because Green Tea makes your skin more resilient to that nasty ultraviolet radiation found in the sun, as you can read more about at To give it to you in a simple equation, more Green Tea means fewer wrinkles and less leathery skin. You can live longer and look better too; it’s like all your prayers have been answered.



No More Cramps

Whether you are starting to feel the pain after a run or you are pregnant and waking up with cramps, a quick slurp on the greens stuff could help you crack on with the day pain-free. In terms of the whole running thing, it also helps boost endurance by almost 25%.


This really is the best thing ever so drink some green tea today!

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