Why Healthy People Eat Quinoa And You Should Too


What Is Quinoa?

It is considered by many to be a grain but it is actually a seed. It is used as a substitution to Rice and Pasta. The texture is slightly crunchy and has a naturally mild flavor. Quinoa is plant based and related to Swiss Chard, Spinach, and Beets.

7 Reasons To Eat Quinoa

  • Total Protein
  •  Gluten and GMO-Free
  •  Loaded With Fiber
  •  9 Amino Acids
  •  Anti-Inflammatory
  • Contains Quercetin( which fights depression)
I first discovered Quinoa when I was on a Gluten-free diet and it is one of the few naturally Gluten-Free foods available. You need Amino Acids and Quinoa is the only food that has 9.
 It is Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Viral because it contains Quercetin, which also fights depression.
We should be getting more Protein and Fiber, preferably from food. One of the reasons women have trouble losing weight is directly related to Protein and Fiber deficiency. It is high in both.
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It also comes in three varieties Red, Black, and White.
There isn’t much difference between the three aside from color.
 Red tends to be sweeter in flavor and the White cooks faster.
Many eat this yummy grain as a salad or a side dish as it is the perfect complement to any meal. There are many ways to eat it since it is so mild in flavor. Here are a few Quinoa Salad Recipes to try:
 Quinoa Salad Recipe
You can even cook it hot much like oatmeal. Almost any combination of fruit tastes great.
Quinoa Fruit Salad Recipe
These are but a few ways to enjoy Quinoa. It is a necessary staple in every diet because it is a plant-based protein and fiber source you need for good health. Check out this yummy recipe

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