You’ve Had a Heart Attack- What Comes After?

heart attack

What You Need To Know After A Heart Attack

Heart disease and cardiovascular problems are frighteningly common, and if you’ve recently had a heart attack know that you’re certainly not alone! Such a serious health issue is sure to have given you quite a scare, and you might be wondering what you should do next. Not only to prevent further heart attacks but to also look after your health in general, so that you can have a long and happy life. If you’ve recently had a heart attack, here are some things to consider.


Get Clued Up About Your Medication

After a heart attack, your doctor will prescribe a number of medications depending on what the cause was. Learn what each of these medicines does, be clear on when you should take them and how (for example, with food) and make sure you’re not caught short without them in an emergency.

If your heart attack was caused by an existing health condition such as high blood pressure, it’s so important that you’re not missing tablets since these will be ensuring that it doesn’t reach the point that another heart attack is imminent.

Consider a Rehabilitation Center

Recovering from a critical condition in a special health rehabilitation center can be useful. These kinds of centers will have medical staff available should you need them, health and therapy facilities and high-quality accommodation. This allows you to get better and take it easy without having to worry about things like housework and cooking.

Plus they can provide advice about what to do next and steps you can take towards a better future. After a heart attack people can be left feeling fear, denial, depression and anxiety- having a professional to speak to and work through these emotions can be extremely useful.


Decide on Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes heart attacks can happen due to genetic problems with the heart or other issues in people that are otherwise fit and healthy. However, they’re commonly caused due to lifestyle factors. Being overweight, smoking, alcohol, eating the wrong foods and not getting enough exercise can all contribute. If you know your heart attack was caused because of this, you will need to change your lifestyle to stop another one from happening.

Before embarking on any kind of exercise routine and diet after a heart attack, it’s crucial you seek advice from your doctor. But once it’s safe, regular gentle exercise and a balanced diet will get your body into the best condition possible. This will help to prevent any other health issues from occurring too.



A heart attack can be incredibly scary, but for some people, it’s what they need to really shock them into action to make a change. Thankfully many people go on to live normal, healthy lives after a heart attack. So if you have survived one, see it as a second chance at life and an opportunity to make a positive change.


Have you suffered a heart attack? How did your recovery go?

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