How To Help Your Child Through Those Teens Years

teensGetting Through Those Teens Years

Having kids is difficult full stop. But some of the most testing years of parenthood tend to be the times when your children are going through their teen years. This tends to be the time when the most arguments and conflicts will arise over disagreements between you and your kids. Not only are they starting to think for themselves and gathering their own opinions of things, but their hormones are going to be all over the place. However, bear in mind that this isn’t only difficult for you.

It’s difficult for them too! They’re going to be feeling a little lost, confused, angry, and frustrated all at once. So, here are a few different ways to help your child through adolescence with as few flaming arguments as possible.

Allow Them More Independence

Your kids are most likely used to having been supervised their whole life. You have your eye on them while they are home. Teachers safeguard them at school. Coaches watch their every move when they go to practice sport. The list goes on and on. This constant surveillance can be pretty tiring for individuals who are trying to carve out a personality and identity of their own in the world. So, when the time is right, start allowing them a little more independence.


Start out with baby steps. Allow them to meet friends at a local cafe out of school hours. You can drop them there and pick them up to ensure that they’re safe, but they’ll truly cherish the time they have together to chat and catch up without being watched and listened to at all times. You can then slowly ease them into other activities. Perhaps let them catch the bus to school with a friend one day instead of having a ride.


Allow them to go into the local town in a group for lunch. Whatever you think will be healthy for their personal development, ease it into their routine. This, of course, can be daunting at first, but you will grow used to it. You can always offer them a phone to take with them so that you can get in touch with them if needs be. You’d be surprised. Most of the time, your child is a whole lot more sensible and independent than you would’ve thought.

Try to Understand Things from their Point of View

Teens tend to be a little more experimental and daring than other age groups. Why? Well, they’re just getting their first taste of freedom! They’re finally allowed out without their parents accompanying them. It’s probably the first time in their life that they’re taking an active interest in what they want to experience rather than simply doing as they’re told by their parents.

For most teens, this is okay. They will venture out to new places and social events and behave as expected at the same time. But other teens will be a little more unruly. They may begin to get involved in types of behavior that you’d rather they didn’t. The sad truth, however, is that you can’t wrap your children in cotton wool forever and the more adamant you are that they can’t do something, the more they are likely to try to do it.

These are behavioral problems and while some teens will grow past them themselves, others will need a little helping hand on the way. If you notice that your teen’s behavior is getting out of hand, there are plenty of resources out there. What is best way to treat teen addiction video explains summarises a few common behavioral health problems that are common in teens and how best to combat them. Start here if you are worried and you will be directed to some of the best help around.

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Let Them Express Themselves

As your teen’s personality develops, they’re going to want to embrace their own individual style. Sure, this may be influenced by a certain celebrity or trend. Maybe the look that they want to emulate doesn’t suit your tastes. But at the end of the day, they are their own person and there comes a time when you have no control over their physical appearance anymore.

How To Help Your Child Through Those Teens Years


So let them express themselves and help them along the way. They will make their own mistakes when it comes to makeup, hair, or clothing, but it’s something that they will merely look back on with a smile of nostalgia in the future. Help them to fill their wardrobe with things that they feel happy and comfortable in. Offer a trip to the hairdressers to spruce up their locks.

Help to rectify bad decisions made with hair dye. The only things to be particularly careful with are more permanent changes to their appearance that they might regret later down the line. Remember to abide by legal age limits when it comes to things like piercings and tattoos. Inform them that they can make their own decision when they are old enough, but for now, certain things are off limits.

Support Them in their Career Prospects

These are big years when it comes to your child’s education. They start deciding which career path they will want to take and make other important decisions, such as whether to pursue higher education or go straight into paid work.

It’s tempting to push your own ambitions onto your kids. To encourage them to do things that you may have wanted to but didn’t have the chance to pursue. Avoid this. At the end of the day, this is their life and they can do what they want with it. Do you really want your child following a career that their heart isn’t entirely set on? Help to nurture their talents and interests and support them in whatever venture they so choose.

These are just a few ways to support your teens through their adolescence. Sure, it may be a testing time. But the pressure will reduce and things will be amicable and peaceful again in no time. You just need to be patient and understanding.

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