Drink More Water & You’ll Feel Happy And Healthy Forever


Brilliant Reasons To Drink More Water!

Each week there’s a new miracle drink on the market that’s meant to do all sorts of things to help boost your health and improve how you feel about yourself. These drinks are packed full of electrolytes, vitamins, nutrients, and goodness know what else, but one thing is for sure, they can’t beat water – aka the naturalist and healthiest drink in the world.


Studies show that over half of us aren’t drinking enough water, and because of this, our bodies are suffering. Now, when it comes to how much we should be drinking a day, that depends – some studies suggest that we should all aim to drink two liters of water a day, while others recommend using your bodyweight halved to determine how many ounces of water you should be intaking. There’s no hard and fast rule for how much you should be drinking, it depends on your body, but as a rule of thumb, if your wee is clear, that means you are properly hydrated.


drink water


What it’s important to understand about water is that not all water is born equal. We are told that tap water is safe to drink, but there are a lot of studies that prove otherwise. We don’t really know what’s in our tap water, which is why more and more of us are opting to drink only filtered H20.


While you could opt to stock your larder with bottled water from the store, it tends to work out cheaper in the long run having a water purification system installed in your home, such as the ones offered on https://cleanairpurewater.com. Once you’ve got a filter installed, you will have access to pure water day in, day out.


Now, different types aside, here are some of the benefits of drinking more water.


Boosts your energy and relieves fatigue


Our bodies (and our brains) are mostly water, which is why drinking plenty of it helps to give you an energy boost, relieving fatigue. An added bonus of drinking plenty is that it aids focus and concentration and helps you to feel more alert.


Promotes weight loss


H20 can remove by-products of fat, which means that your body is storing less unnecessary fats. It can help to reduce the amount that you are eating if you drink a glass of water before every meal.It increases your metabolism and suppresses your appetite – it’s a natural weight loss aid.

Imortant reasons to drink more water


Rids the body of toxins


Did you know that H20 can help to cleanse the body and get rid of toxins? Water flushes the body of toxins and helps to improve your general health, so if you want to feel better in yourself, you had better get sipping some H20. You can jazz it up with some sliced lemon, mint leaves, berries, or some cucumber – water doesn’t have to be boring you know!

drink water

Improves skin health


Then there’s the fact that H20 helps to improve skin health. Water hydrates the skin, helping to keep it soft, smooth, spot-free, and wrinkle-free. Water is the very best anti-aging treatment there is because when the skin is hydrated, it is better equipped to stay healthy and youthful looking.


Boosts your immune system


Studies have shown that H20 boosts the immune system, which means that water drinkers are less likely to get sick. From coughs and colds to cancer, people who drink lots of water each day tend to be better equipped to fight off health problems.


See, you really should be drinking water more of because it’s the key to a healthy and happy body.

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