Important Truths Revealed About Natural Herbal Supplements You May Not Know

natural herbal supplementsAre Natural Herbal Supplements Effective?

We all have that one friend who, at the first sign of a cough or a cold, will down a rainbow colored variety of pills that they claim fights off any sickness. Whether it’s true remains to be seen, but nevertheless, the herbal supplements industry is booming, there’s now a never ending supply of products that promise to boost our immune systems while harnessing our bodies natural defenses.

Natural Herbal Supplements


When it comes to the crunch just how well do vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies work? From taking the natural herbal supplement echinacea at the first sign of a cold to inhaling few drops of lavender oil if we can’t sleep natural remedies have been used for countless years. Long before doctors even existed villagers would quickly turn to a local herbalist of medicine woman if they fell sick. While everyone agrees that some herbs and flowers do possess healing properties, could ingest endless supplements be doing you more harm than good? Over time it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking a supplement will keep you in prime condition when it fact studies has shown that those who take supplements are just as likely to get sick, and be unwell for the same time period as those who don’t take anything at all.

Over time it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking a supplement will keep you in prime condition when it fact many studies have shown that those who take supplements are just as likely to get sick and be unwell for the same time period as those who don’t take anything at all.


The Placebo Effect


Have you ever found that when you have a headache, the instant you take an ibuprofen the pain tends to lose its intensity? What’s happening is something scientists labeled ‘the placebo effect’ where the moment you ingest something ‘medicinal,’ even if it’s just a sweet your mind thinks it’s being given medicine! In turn, pain signals are then decreased.

natural herbal supplements

Placebos have been used to treat a variety of illnesses especially those that have been caused by psychological trauma. However, the upshot is when we think we’ve taken something that’ll stop us from getting sick, improves our sleep or makes our skin look better it’s often our brains that are allowing us to relax, de-stress and stop worry which automatically leads to a better appearance. We’re not saying that supplements don’t do anything at all, far from it, but their overall effectiveness can often depend on the belief of the person taking them.


Multi Vitamin Mayhem


Lots of us take a multivitamin each morning in the belief that it’ll improve our energy levels as well as enhance concentration throughout the day. While that’s true, companies have now cottoned onto the fact that we like specific products, so there are now kids multivitamins, teen multivitamins, adult and senior multivitamins as well as those specially designed for women, busy people, and those who play sports.

natural herbal supplements

Primarily a good multivitamin like those offered in the range of Kyani Nutritional Products should contain a variety of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, various B vitamins but especially B2, A, E, D2, 3 and K as well as zinc, potassium, calcium, selenium, and manganese. While multivitamins are perfectly safe to take they are only designed as supplements, i.e., They should never be used as a meal replacement and instead act to fill small gaps in our nutrition which should be tiny if you’re eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.


The facts about natural herbal supplements you need to knowIdeally,we get most of our nutrients and vitamins through healthy eating and can add Natural Herbal Supplements for that extra boost of health but you should always investigate what you put into your body. Be healthy!


  1. I have a horrible suspicion taking Echinea is what disrupted my immune system and lead to me getting Hashimoto’s. It’s a bit late because the damage has been done, but I am now very careful about what supplements I take and I check with my Homeopath before I self medicate

    1. Oh wow yes I think people think natural ingredients mean nothing bad will happen but that is not at all the case

  2. I haven’t been ill in 9 years, thank God. I eat well, get plenty of rest and workout. I have also taken supplements, but I’m quite careful about which brands I purchase. I also go through a period where I stop taking everything because the body builds up a tolerance. I do believe you can cure most things if you’re a healthy person, but if you’re one of those people who constantly battle colds etc. A supplement isn’t going to help you as much as you would like.

    1. The more we learn about food the better as there are so many foods with healing proponents that most don’t know about

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