Well, that might be a slight exaggeration! But let’s talk about how fantastic seafood is for you, what works best and even a few dishes to try.

It is probably a good bet you don’t eat enough fish. Most people don’t. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give yourself a pretty substantial health boost. The Omega-3 fatty acids alone are worth it, your brain, heart and even hearing and eyesight feel the benefits from fish. It also helps reduce inflammation and reduces your risk of a heart attack. And usually, if something is this good you’d think it was too good to be true. But actually, nope, it’s just good old fashioned fish!


“In the hands of an able cook, fish can become an inexhaustible source of perpetual delight.”

Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826)

Health Bene-FISHts (sorry)

Seafood is a super lean course of protein, and it’s incredibly low in saturated fats. A great example is to look at the amount of protein in chicken, beef and then pretty much any seafood.

  • Oz Beef – 7 grams fat
  • Oz Chicken – 7 grams fat
  • Seafood – 2 grams fat

You could, of course, opt for an ultra-lean sirloin, with a low 3 grams fats of fat per ounce, but seafood is the ultimate choice.

Seafood, and eat it for your brain. Your brain, as mentioned above, can reap a big reward when it comes to fish and other kinds of seafood. The Omega-3s are shown to build new neural pathways in the brain. Meaning that it may, in fact, help ward off some age-related cognitive issues like dementia for example. It may even help with symptoms of depression and ADHD. Not bad huh!

Quick Fish Dish

Best Catches To Eat

Not all fish are created equal, and some pack a bigger punch than others. Of course, you need to find a great supplier in most cases, and you can do that by visiting citarella.com.

So here are a few of the best options for you:

Arctic Char

This little treat is in the salmon family. Although it looks like salmon, it has a different taste. Sitting somewhere between trout and salmon. It’s firm and flakey and is usually pale pink to dark red in colors. A tasty choice that not many people have tried.



Somewhat controversial on occasion due to the levels that have been fished in recent years, and the method in which it has been caught. However, it is still unbelievably tasty and fresh or canned is bursting with the good stuff. You can enjoy eating tuna that has been quickly seared over high heat, or on a baked potato and is arguably (due to the canned variety) on of the most accessible and easy to prepare.


A firm tropical fish that can be cooked in almost any way you like. It’s called a dolphinfish, and many people avoid it for this reason, but they’re not the same so indulge away! Mahi-mahi tacos are a firm favorite and great for your first time eating this fish.


Potentially the most popular fish for many a country. Battered and fried, baked in parchment, or in a pie. All great recipes and spectacular in texture and taste. This one is rich in niacin and vitamin B-12 and packs a whopping punch of protein.


Alaskan Salmon

Farmed is much cheaper, but many people claim that fresh has a by far superior taste. Of course, the decider might be on the number of vitamins, minerals and those Omega-3s you’re looking for. Even once a week, for a brunch treat is better than none at all. So, if you can find space in your budget for the fresh stuff then try to. Also, a cream cheese and salmon bagel, sprinkled with rocket with a hot fresh coffee on the side is rather delicious.


Make like the Dutch and enjoy fresh herring regularly. Although they enjoy their herring fresh and salted to perfection – it might not be to your tastes. Herring is spectacularly smoked, much like sardines in texture. Herring are typically packed with sodium when smoked (like most smoked fish) so that version should be eaten in moderation. There are some very delicious herring recipes to try though.

Need tips on smoking fish at home? Then have a listen to this.


Sardines are a super oily fish, but it just means they are really rich in plenty of vitamins. Interestingly enough the canned version has a preference here because you consume the whole fish including the bones. Although you shouldn’t worry because they are soft and you won’t even notice them. They’re great in pasta or on a salad, although many people prefer to have them directly from the tin.



In recent years this has been a popular replacement for cod, as is Coley. They are from the same family, so they cook and taste all pretty similar. It has a mild flavor which means it works amazingly with seasoning and is often found in fish sticks (or fish fingers depending where you live).



Oily fish, perfect for breakfast. In fact, it is often enjoyed on toast. Spanish and smaller mackerel are better for you as they don’t have the high levels of mercury you will find in king mackerel.

Fish should be a part of your weekly diet, and there are so many gloriously tasty options that there will be something for everyone. The health benefits are fantastic and if simply eat a range of the options above you are going to improving your heart, eyes, brain, and hearing in one tasty dish.

Not one for fish? You might like to take a fish oil supplement or alternatively, you can get omega-3s from ground flaxseed oil, chia seeds, walnuts, canola oil, and soy oil too. One or two servings per day can help you avoid a deficiency of omega-3s.

So there you Arr Me Hearties! Make like a pirate and add plenty of fish into your diet.


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