Irritating Health Conditions (And Their Solutions)

health conditions

What Do You Need To Know About Irritating Health Conditions?

Admittedly, this one is a tough question to answer. No single person has experienced every irritating health condition, so it’s difficult to quantify what is arguably the “worst”. We can, however, speculate.

If asked to specify which chronic health condition is the worst, most people would choose a painful condition. Pain is something we can all understand and relate to. Living with a chronic pain disorder is incredibly difficult, and something that requires strength and fortitude to manage. So if you’re trying to pick the worst chronic conditions, it’s fair to say that everyone can agree that painful conditions are always going to be at the top of the list.

What’s second on the list? Well, there are certain other chronic conditions that are worthy of a mention. While they might not cause outright pain, they are… irritating. A condition doesn’t have to be painful to cause distress to the sufferer. In an effort to increase the awareness of just how damaging life can be with a not-painful-but-irritating condition, here’s an overview of the most common conditions that fit into this category.


Tinnitus is a condition that involves hearing noises that aren’t really there. The noises are being created by the ear itself; what the sufferer hears is highly individual. Some sufferers experience a ringing sound, others beeping, or even the sound of heavy traffic. It is a notoriously difficult condition to treat.

health conditions

Anyone who has ever experienced tinnitus will know how incredibly irritating the condition can be. It can disturb your sleep and even cause emotional problems. Sometimes, it is accompanied by painful headaches.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome is a chronic illness which is… well, it’s impossible to describe. Sufferers feel “a sensation” in their legs when they are at rest, such as when they’re trying to sleep at night. This sensation is described in a myriad of different ways; a creeping feeling, itching, burning, pins, and needles– the experience of the condition varies hugely.

Everyone, however, tends to feel an urgent need to move their legs to alleviate the uncomfortable sensation. As you can imagine, this can make falling asleep next to impossible. RLS tends to be chronic and while it can be caused by other conditions, is often idiopathic and can be resistant to treatment.

Irritating Health Conditions (And Their Solutions)
Exploding Head Syndrome
(Yes, that’s really what it’s called.)

Exploding Head Syndrome is a bizarre condition, where the sufferer experiences strange phenomena while trying to fall asleep. Sufferers describe hearing, seeing, and even feeling things that are not actually there. This disturbs their sleep pattern and can result in excessive daytime tiredness as a result. The condition is thought to be one of the realities of numerous “haunting” experiences.

Irritation may sound preferable to pain, but it’s nevertheless a damaging state to live your life in. Spare a thought for those suffering from irritating conditions, and if any of the above irritating health conditions sound eerily familiar to you, then speak to a doctor as soon as you have the chance.


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