How Your Job Stress Could Be Affecting Your Health

job stressJob Stress May Be Making You Sick

Is job stress getting you down?  Unless you somehow managed to finally get into a position where you get someone else to do the work for you, and you sit back while others do things in your name, with you at the top of the food chain, like the very fortunate few, you are probably working some fairly standard hours. Are you happy working those kinds of hours?

Maybe you are, but according to Totaljobs, a staggering 67 percent of workers are actively seeking to quit their job. With a total of 54 percent confessing to suffering from “obsessive clock watching”, leaving them with their coat on and completely “out the door” at 5 pm. While that may not be the best working attitude to have, it’s just the current reality of most people’s working life and job stress, and it sure is difficult to find someone else to uphold as a paragon of a good work ethic, when only 12 percent of people say they enjoy their current job.

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With those slightly depressing facts out of the way, let’s look at what you can do to be in a position where you’re in that 12 percent. No one is expecting some kind of revolution to suddenly pop up and change the way everything is running so don’t worry if that was to happen it probably would have happened already.

What you can do is try to move to greener pastures, and as result of that, improve your mental health. Mental health often heavily reflects on your physical wellbeing, with excess stress being a silent but deadly killer, so without further ado, let’s dive into the current working climate, and see what you can do to prevent it.

job stress

The world belongs to risk-takers

Despite that statement being true, it is also proving to be untrue for the majority of people who are actually willing to go through with taking that risk. With the odds highly against you, and chances of any sort of major success being small enough that we probably know the people who succeeded by name, it might be hard to motivate oneself.

With these kind of chances, convincing people to take risks is very often a pretty tough sell, especially since most people are either “comfortable enough in their job to not want to change” or just have no hope or aspirations in general. Instead of going around and wallowing in your own job stress, do something about it. Maybe you don’t have it in you to be an up-and-coming entrepreneur who starts up a business of their very own, with nothing more than a few notes in their pocket because barely anyone does.

However, you can at least find a workplace which you enjoy much more than your current one, if anything, it’s an objective improvement. Chances are, that there are a lot of places out there which could use your skills but have a completely different surrounding and atmosphere, with people which you might get along with better. Sometimes getting too comfortable can be detrimental to your progress in your profession.

job stress

Unhappy with your current profession?

Sometimes just changing workplace is not enough to cure job stress. You’re not unhappy because you dislike your boss or coworkers, you just don’t enjoy what you currently do. While that in itself is a bit more of an issue, it is not an unsolvable one, because changing your field of work is nowhere near as impossible as some people make it seem at times. Want to leave your suit or skirt and blouse combo behind?

Why not become a qualified nurse with bsn to msn online training starters? If you ever wanted to become a web designer or a programmer, now’s your chances because places like team treehouse are providing online courses with an insane amount of content, which much like the nursing course, you can get started from the comfort of your very own home. As you can see, we now have some things made easier compared to previous generations, when the only way to get some sort of qualifications was to attend university for several years.

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In the current working world, taking off anywhere near enough time to study full time while still having some sort of income which will allow you to survive is usually the equivalent of an impossible task. Leaving much thinking that if they missed their initial opportunity for higher education in their early twenties, then that’s just it, end of the education line. In fact, that could not be further from the truth.

With online courses aplenty, and even evening universities for people who want to dedicate their evenings to changing careers, there are more opportunities than ever. In fact, who even says that you have to get qualified to start doing something completely different? If you already have a set of skills, then no matter how much paperwork you are lacking, if you are diligent enough you can probably work for yourself. Despite how bleak some things may currently be looking, there is always a way to bring about some change into your life and reducing job stress, and considering it is the start of a new year, there is no better time than now.

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