Juicing Facts You Need To Know



Juicing Facts You Need To Know

A few months back I talked about how to start juicing. This time we are focusing on all the facts you probably don’t know to make an informed decision as to whether it’s for you.



All About Juicing

Juice is awesome, right? I don’t think I’ve met someone who doesn’t enjoy the juice. And drinking the stuff can be very beneficial. You may even be one of many people who are looking into making their own juice. Well, if that’s so, then read ahead. We’ve got essential facts and advice for you!



Juicing Fads

A look at the history of juicing is a look at the history of dietary fads. A lot of fads have involved juicing in some way – the cabbage soup diet, Atkins, etc. In fact, juicing itself has, arguably, been a fad. You’ve probably heard about juicing being some kind of miracle way of achieving great health. Some may even have told you that juicing is the best way to get the nutrients you need. Well, juicing is pretty awesome. But don’t believe everything you hear.


It’s an amazing way to consume things you don’t like eating

One of the undeniable benefits of juicing? It helps you get things into your diet that you can’t stand eating. Reducing something to a liquid has always been a great way of getting it down your throat quicker. But with juicing, you can mask it with other flavors! Look at something like kale. Kale is an incredible food when it comes to vitamins and nutrients. But who the heck likes kale? It’s so bland it doesn’t even taste like kale. But if you mix it up with some more appetizing fruits and vegetables? Then you can get some of those important greens into your diet with less of the gagging factor.


It can help reduce food waste

Those fruits and vegetables that are looking a little, ya know, too soft? They’re usually still okay to eat, but their texture doesn’t make them the most appetizing things. They lose that particular aesthetic element you enjoy. But when you have a juicer? Then you don’t have to worry too much about that. Fruit and vegetables make up a big bulk of the food waste of your average home. Getting a juicer can certainly help you reduce that.



No two juicers at the same


You may have had a quick look at some juicers and thought to yourself: Wow, those are expensive. You can, of course, get some pretty cheap ones. And why not go for those? After all, doesn’t a juicer just chop up and compress fruit into liquid? What about that could possibly command a high price? Well, it’s true that a lot of juicers are probably a little too expensive. But cheap juicers aren’t necessarily going to do the same job. You want something that’s going to get the most juice from the fruit or vegetable with the least amount of effort. This is how you get the most benefit from these things. So it’s worth putting a bit more money down for a juicer to ensure you get the quality you need. But it’s also important that you check reviews of particular juicers first. For example, this is a very good review of the Breville JE98XL.



Juice isn’t nutritionally-equivalent to it fruit components

One of the main reasons that people buy juicers is that they think it makes it easier to get all the benefits of fruit and vegetables. It makes sense that people would see it in this way. After all, what you get out is just a different form of what you’ve put in, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true.

After all, you’ve only extracted the juice. But the skin and the pulp are actually where most of the good stuff is! So when you ignore these parts, you’re actually ignoring the best part of the produce. This is why smoothies actually tend to be a bit more nutritious. But smoothies aren’t quite as fun at parties.



It’s not going to help much with weight loss or cleansing

This whole “cleansing” thing that a lot of people are into at the moment? The vast majority of the stuff coming out about cleansing is actually complete nonsense. Most of these cleansing tactics involve replacing “bad solid foods” with “healthy juicy alternatives”. At the end of the day, you end up missing out on an awful lot of protein and fiber.




What you’re doing doesn’t actually help the cleansing functions of your body at all. (It’s pretty much all taken care of by your liver and kidneys, anyway.) And as for weight loss, you need a certain amount of protein and calories to make that successful. Replacing everything with juice isn’t going to help. There are good ways to do cleansing, but you have to be very careful.


It’s an amazing supplement – but an awful replacement

I’ll be honest; this is basically a way of reiterating what I said in the previous paragraph. The best way to sum up the benefits of juicing is by highlighting how great a supplement it can be. Fruit and vegetable juice is great when you’re following a varied diet with plenty of fiber and protein. But you shouldn’t fall for anything that tells you to replace meals with juice.


The regular dangers of fruit and vegetables still apply

When you have a juicer, it’s tempting to buy as much fruit and vegetables as possible Which sounds great! But because you want to buy so many, many people may end up getting them cheaply and in bulk. And if you’re not paying enough attention to the way that stuff is produced? Then you might be getting some pretty low-quality stuff. The kind that’s been treated to near-oblivion with pesticides and other chemicals. Juicing bad produce doesn’t free you from, ya know, the bad bits!


It’s definitely better than buying juice from the store

Ultimately, you should be getting into juicing because you want some delicious, healthy, fresh juice. You shouldn’t be under any delusion that it’s the healthiest thing on the planet Earth. It’s awesome, but juice isn’t a miracle substance. Ultimately, if you like juice, you should do your own juicing. The juice you buy in stores? Most of it is horrendous for you. Sure, there are nutrients. They’re refreshing. But they’re filled with artificial flavoring, sugar, and are made with what we could call “zombie” fruit. Seriously.

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