Kick Ash: Why You Should Quit Smoking In Favour Of Vaping



How To Quit Smoking With Vaping

2016 has been the year of the vape. Vaping’s popularity has increased dramatically, as we see more individuals vaping in public. More specialist stores, such as are popping up across the nation. E-cigarette liquids are appearing in increasingly unique and bizarre flavours.

But there has to be a reason for this phenomenon. Kicking the habit of smoking is notoriously difficult. Individuals often need to seek professional help to even make a start with the transition. So why are people ditching cigarettes for this relatively newfound phenomenon and does it really make quitting smoking easier?





Smoking cigarettes are widely considered a bad habit. Why? Well, for a start smoking poses a serious threat to your health. It can lead to conditions ranging from lung disease to cancer. Not only is it bad for you, but to anyone who is near you when you smoke. Passive smoking can often prove just as dangerous, or even fatal, as direct smoking. Consequently, smoking indoors in public spaces has been illegalised.

This is great for the general population. They can eat in restaurants and drink in cafes without worrying about health risks created by the people surrounding them. But for smokers themselves, it’s a great inconvenience. Sitting outdoors in the winter isn’t too much fun, no matter how much you like the festive atmosphere. Cigarettes themselves will stain your fingers and teeth.

They’ll leave you with bad breath, and your home will be filled with dirty ash- trays. You can often spot a smoker from a distance. The smell of smoke embeds itself in clothing, furniture and other belongings. On top of all of this is the problem of the price. The price of cigarettes and traditional tobacco is skyrocketing. If you smoke regularly, the cost will prove a huge drain on your pocket. For some, it is even a financial strain.



Vaping is an alternative to smoking. The outlay is the most expensive part. You’ll have to find the right personal vaporiser for you. However, once you have purchased one that you are happy with, you will only need to purchase replacement e-cigarette liquids. These last longer than cigarettes and are cheaper.



Vaping does still supply the individual with the highly addictive drug nicotine. However, does not produce the smoke associated with smoking. This means that those using vaporisers will gain the rush their body craves from the nicotine. Individuals who vape are unlikely to develop many smoking-related diseases and illnesses, such as cancer.

There is no ash involved, so no more need for ashtrays and it will not give you bad breath, stained fingers or teeth. Due to the large range of flavours available, vaping can make your clothes and home smell nicer. For example, candyfloss, bubblegum or fruit flavoured e-cigarette liquids create delicious smells.

Vaping is also currently legal in most indoor and public spaces, so no more having to step outside for a cigarette. If it’s the aesthetic of smoking that an individual is after, vaping produces a similar effect. A white cloud of smoke is produced when vaping.

Quitting smoking is hard but so essential to your health. Vaping is an alternative to making quitting a little easier.


  1. You definitely highlight the most important benefits of using e-cigs to quit. It’s nice to be able to visit a loved one who is a smoker and be able to come away without smelling like tobacco smoke! Thanks for sharing.

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