Rising Life Expectancy: Why People Worldwide Are Living Longer

life expectancy

Why People Are Living Longer


Between 2000 and 2015, the average life expectancy worldwide increased by five years. Global life expectancy has gone up to 71.4 years worldwide, with an even higher age of 76.8 in the most developed countries.


The Good News About Life Expectancy



This is good news for everyone. It seems that people are getting healthier and happier than ever before. Of course, the health industry is constantly growing and improving. New advances help more people. Less developed countries are still expected to live shorter lifespans. However, things are improving, and it’s expected they will soon be able to catch up to the rest of the world.


But what’s contributing to the rising life expectancy? Here are some of the factors that are helping us to live long, fulfilling lives.


Medical Advances



Of course, one of the main reasons for the increase in life expectancy is the continuous medical advances made each year. In the past decade alone, things like the genome project and stem cell research have contributed to the treatment of many ailments.




Treatments for potentially fatal inflictions like cancer and HIV have also improved. New drugs and therapies continue to come about to help people live longer. As time goes on, new ways to treat illnesses are discovered, and more people can get the medical help they need.


Health Technology



Technology has led to massive improvements throughout the medical industry. New machinery in hospitals comes about every year. Things like MRI scanners and laser surgery machines have revolutionized treatment. There have also been tremendous advances in things like prosthetic limbs and remote surgery.


It isn’t just big medical machinery either. There are numerous innovative gadgets that have revolutionized the health industry. Things like fitness devices and smart pill bottles help people take care of themselves. The massive amount of health-based apps and websites also promote better self-care.


Technology is advancing rapidly. We can expect technological improvements to coincide with even greater life expectancy. There are many technological medical advancements on the horizon, so it’s an exciting time to be alive, and stay alive.


Healthy Culture

We know more than ever about the human body and how it works. Additionally, all of this information is freely available to everyone thanks to the internet. There are so many health blogs, eBooks, and helpful medical apps and websites, giving people more health education than ever before.



It’s easy to educate yourself on health and wellness, but it’s also promoted in our culture. Statistics have shown that more people than ever before are working out. There’s still an obesity epidemic in America and some other countries. However, the emphasis on healthy diets may counteract this in the future. Trends point towards a more healthy global society in the future.



Economic Improvement

As the economic situation across the globe improves, more people will have access to better nutrition and health care. It appears that world poverty is shrinking rapidly. Additionally, more help is being sent to help developing countries get the medical care they need. As things improve throughout the globe, we can expect an even higher global life expectancy.

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