How To Live With Hashimoto’s: A Guest Post By Tania

Those of you who read my other blog might recognize this blogger. Tania is a Certified Life Coach in addition to a brilliant blogger. Today she shares with us her journey, living with Chronic Illness.

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hashimoto's disease

Living well with Hashimoto’s Disease

Parkrun has taken South Africa by storm. It’s a five kilometre (or just over three miles) run or walk, manned by volunteers and offered free of charge to the public every Saturday morning. At the beginning of May this year, it finally arrived in the small coastal town where I live. I signed up immediately and being fairly fit, with a regular exercise programme and daily walk, I was confident of my level of fitness.

Although I completed the walk, I came home feeling utterly physically exhausted and it took nearly two days to recover my strength. To give some perspective, the following week, an 82-year-old woman joined park run, and managed without difficulty! The walk is done by people of all ages and shapes and sizes, and yet, fairly fit and in my forties, I was barely able to manage it. This is the impact of Hashimoto’s Disease on your health.

hashimoto's disease

In 2000, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease (Thyroiditis), an auto-immune disease of the thyroid in which the immune system mistakenly attacks thyroid cells, reducing thyroid function. A few days before the walk, our adored Jack Russell died suddenly of a heart aneurysm. It was heart- breaking and stressful on top of what has been a challenging year for me. The emotional stress noticeably impacted my health.

Hashimoto's Disease

The standard treatment for hypothyroidism is a daily hormone replacement tablet called levothyroxine, to replace the thyroxine hormone, which a compromised thyroid doesn’t make enough of. As with all medication, it comes with side effects which prompted me to choose Homeopathy to manage my condition. Sixteen years later, chronic Homeopathic medication has lowered the antibody count and maintained my thyroid function within the normal range.


Whether you choose the medical route or not, there are many alternative therapies that are immensely beneficial to Hashimoto’s Disease and healthy thyroid function and can be used in conjunction with medication. After the wake -up call as to the state of my health, I made some adjustments to my life. Two weeks later when I once again tackled the five-kilometre walk later, I managed without any adverse effects. Although it will take longer for my thyroid to recover, there are many things that you can do to support your body, mind and spirit during difficult times.


Here are some everyday tips to improve your well- being and help you get your mojo back!

1. Physical
• Blood test:

Check your thyroid levels and see your Doctor if an adjustment in medication is needed.  This is an illness and must be treated as such. If your thyroid function is low, it’s not possible to simply ‘cheer up’ or ‘pull yourself together’.


• Diet:

Clean up your diet, increase vegetables and lean protein. Reduce gluten and foods that cause inflammation such as sugar and soy. Toss junk foods, remove them from your house, they are irresistible when your energy is low.
• Exercise:


At the right level for your state of health. Pushing too hard when your thyroid function is low exhausts your body. Build strength slowly and steadily rather than in short, intense spurts.

hashimoto's disease

• Relaxation:
Go for a massage. My personal favourites are lymph drainage and hot stone massage. I also benefit from reflexology and acupuncture; preferably from a practitioner qualified in Chinese Medicine.


2. Mental
If stress is the cause of a dip in your thyroid function, tackle it head on. Is there a decision you need to make? Make it. Is there a problem you need to solve? Solve it. Ask for help if necessary. Write down at least five possible solutions and choose one. If you need to let go of an idealogy, expectation or relationship, now it the time to do it.
Meditate if you can. You can download a free five- minute Guided Meditation of the Inner Smile by signing up for my Newsletter here:

3. Emotional
The death of Pebbles was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. After a year of family illness and other stressors, including caring for my elderly father with Alzheimer’s, I was drained and exhausted. To recharge my spirits, I called a friend, arranged a counselling session and booked a night away with my husband. The bottom line is getting the support you need to maintain your health. It’s important.

As a Life Coach, I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself into taking action. If the list above looks overwhelming, choose one item to focus on and commit to that for 10 -15 minutes a day. Start where you are and make it as easy for yourself as you can. If you need some cheer-leading, you are welcome to get in touch here

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