Simple Steps To Stop Lower Back Pain in its Tracks

lower back pain Is Your Lower Back Hurting?

Is back pain a part of your life? With a staggering 80 per cent of Americans reporting being affected by back problems at some point in their lives, the problem is widespread to the point where it can begin to feel inevitable. So much so in fact, that most do not see a physician if the pain isn’t chronic and try to struggle through popping painkillers without addressing the root of the problem. But with busy lives to run and families to raise- how can we take better care of ourselves?

Gentle Exercise

Although when back pain strikes, it’s tempting to take to your bed, too much rest and immobility is a bad idea. Physiotherapists recommend gentle, continuous movement as the best way to help your body deal with the pain. A good physical therapist will be able to advise the best course of action.

Think Shoes

It might not be the first place you think of, but taking a good look at your shoes and the strain they may be causing to your back is crucial. Avoid wearing high heels or anything over a couple of inches as often as possible. Heels throw your weight forward, creating a bend in the spine that unbalances the wearer. You can also look at orthotics, or special inserts that sit in the shoe to prevent spinal strain.

lower back pain

Improve your posture

If you have excellent basic posture, you immediately reduce the imbalances that accumulate all the time and can turn into severe lower back pain. Begin by learning some simple stretches and yoga techniques for relieving tension in the lumbar area and making sure to do them every morning and evening. Also look at relearning how to properly lift heavy objects which can prevent a lot of damage up front. Find a great chiropractor like who can give the best advice on treating and preventing back pain.

Watch your bad habits

So we all know smoking and not watching our diets are bad for our general health, but did you know they can both cause lower back pain too? For smokers, the habit greatly increases the risk of developing osteoporosis which in turn can cause compression fractures to the spine, and studies have found smokers are much more likely to suffer back pain. Whereas with being overweight, amongst other complications, it adds to the pressure and daily wear and tear your back suffers. So be aware that poor lifestyle choices can contribute to the problem in other ways, especially as you get older.

Simple Steps To Stop Lower Back Pain in its Tracks

Makeover your desk

Bad habits at the office can also cause problems to the lower back in the long term. Make sure you access and update any workplace assessments designed to setup your workstation ergonomically. Make sure everything is within an arm’s length reach to prevent unnecessary stretching and bending, set up your mouse, keyboard, and VDU correctly and also make sure you take regular breaks away from sitting down to keep everything in balance.


So with a few simple adjustments, you can safeguard against lower back pain turning into a full-blown back problem!

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