The Real Reasons Why Maintaining a Healthy Weight Is So Important

maintaining healthy weight
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The Benefits Of Maintaining Healthy Weight

Achieving a healthy body weight isn’t just about looking good, there is a whole host of benefits to be enjoyed by getting rid of any excess fat. If your new year resolution to get rid of those pounds is waning already, and you find yourself reaching for all those unhealthy snacks you swore you’d cut out – here’s some inspiration to get you back on track…


  1.    You’re much less likely to get sick

Being within the healthy weight range for your height means that you are reducing the risk of contracting a whole range of illnesses. Many cases of type two diabetes are entirely preventable through diet and exercise. Research has shown that people who are overweight are more likely to suffer from a variety of different kinds of cancer, including that of the breast.

Those seemingly harmless extra pounds put a strain on your heart too, meaning that you have an increased risk of heart disease, strokes and clotting disorders; as well as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Additional weight can also have a serious impact on your joints, especially as you get older. Losing those extra pounds, whether it’s by diet and exercise or using weight loss supplements, can be the difference between a healthy old age and a much less pleasant alternative.

 2.   You’ll be more fertile

If you’re keen to start a family, or even add a little one or two to make your family complete; you should know that being a healthy weight means that you are likely to find it much easier to conceive. If your fertility ever does become an issue, and you need a bit of help to get pregnant, most doctors will not provide IVF treatment to women who are overweight or obese. Even if your doctor is willing to give you the help you need – those extra pounds will make IVF less effective, so you could be putting yourself through a lot with no results.

maintaining healthy weight

  1.    You’ll be much more confident

Taking the right steps to keep your weight down and at a healthy level doesn’t just make you look your best – it can help you to feel at your best too. If you feel attractive and enjoy taking the time to look after yourself, it will make every area of your life better. Looking good can make you more assertive in the workplace, for example.

Being a healthy weight can make it easier to attract the kind of partner you would like to have, and give you the confidence to ask them out on a date! You’ll also feel better about yourself for setting your kids a good example of what it means to take care of your health – and that can be a positive influence that will last a lifetime.


maintaining healthy weight

What more reason do you need to shift those unwanted pounds? Ok, you’ll also sleep better and live longer – what greater motivation is there than that than to maintain your healthy weight? You can find great ideas for healthy eating on a budget here. Put down the candy and get moving – it will literally change your life!


  1. And you will reap the good fruits of having healthy weight later in life, specially when you are older! Retirement years comes with lots of possibility of having an illness or diseases, so starting healthy while you are young will lessen those possibilities and will allow you to enjoy your golden years.

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