The Many Health Benefits Of Laughter


Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Needless to say, I am one of those people who have a snarky comment or one-liner for everything! Which often gets me in trouble you have to know. I just think in most things in life humor will help. Realistically I know there are times to be serious but that’s not what I’m talking about today. Today we will be covering how humor helps your mind and your body.


Think back to the last time you laughed and how it made you feel. Bet you felt good all over. That’s there are Physical  Benefits never really consider. Laughing increases Immune Cells and the Antibodies that fight infection. Therefore, it works to ward off diseases such as Heart Disease. It increases your intake of oxygen which we need for lung health. For short periods of time, it can also lessen pain.


It only makes sense that laughter reduces stress. It releases Endorphins, our feel-good body chemical and promotes total well-being.
It helps you mentally as well, helping you bounce back from challenging moments and situations. Have you ever stressed about something and start laughing and think maybe it’s not really that bad. It can help you see things differently.


Laughing with someone is even better. It can create intimacy and help you feel connected to someone as if you share something special that only you know about.
It is contagious! Ever hear a baby laugh? Walk into a room where others are giggling? It’s impossible to not join in, even if you don’t know what they are laughing about.
Laughter has been used by Medical Professionals for centuries. Surgeons use it to distract patients from pain. Today it is used for people with Chronic Illness and is offered as an option in hospitals.
Studies have been done with cancer patients that have revealed that it speeds the healing process. The Cancer Centers Of America use it to heal their patients with groups they call Laughter Clubs and have found through group exercises patients feel good long after and allow them a small period to even forget about Cancer.
So all this said, look for opportunities to laugh whether it’s a funny show or doing something totally silly. It’s good for you!


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