Men’s Health Tips: 8 Vitamins Men Need More Of

We all need more Vitamins in our diet. In recent years, doctors have agreed that supplements are less effective in getting the necessary nutrients. We shouldn’t be relying on pills so much and start getting more of our Vitamins from the food we eat. Which of course means balancing our diet with Leafy Greens, Grains, Lean Meats,and Vegetables.

Men generally eat more protein than women as the intake of meat, beans, and potatoes that is much larger.

One of the reasons we don’t get enough nutrients is because of the processed food in our diets, as well as the chemical fertilizers used on our vegetables. Often we don’t know enough about certain vitamins to know we aren’t getting enough, especially men.



Magnesium aids in sleeping and keeps your heart in working order.Symptoms that you’re not getting enough include muscle weakness and leg cramps. Issues that can arise are Insomnia, Anxiety, and High Blood Pressure. Magnesium deficiency can lead to Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart Attacks.
Recommended Daily: 400 mg


Vitamin D is the happiness vitamin. 20 minutes in the sun can make a big difference. Lack of this nutrient can lead to Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and Muscle Weakness. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the stomach and keeps bones strong. It can be found in foods like fatty fish. eggs and milk.
Recommended Daily: 600IU



You need Niacin because it lowers cholesterol and may lower the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, Cataracts, Osteo Arthritis and Diabetes. It can be found in protein -rich foods such as Whole Wheat, Almonds, and Seeds.
Recommended Daily: 16 mg


Iodine is needed by a Man’s body, specifically, the Thyroid Gland to produce certain hormones you need to burn calories. We all know fish is a great source of this.
Recommended Daily: 150 mcg


Zinc is essential for Men! It aids the Immune System to fight off bacteria and disease. More importantly, it has been linked to Fertility in so much as sperm production. Adding enough of this will help overall Sexual Health.
You can find it in lean meats such as Beef and turkey. Cereals, grains, and beans. And let’s not forget Oysters!
Recommended Daily:11 grams


We all know about Vitamin E’s benefits to the skin but it also works to prevent Heart Disease and Cancer. Foods that are rich in this are Seeds, Nuts, Almonds, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Avocadoes, and Asparagus.


Finally, there’s Vitamin K which is a Co-Enzyme needed to prevent blood clots. It can be found in Leafy Vegetables, Fermented Cheese, Soy, and Pumpkin. Men need more of this nutrient than women.
Recommended Daily: 120 mcg
Get your Vitamins!


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