1 In 4 People Deal With Mental Health Issues, Do You?

mental health issues
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Common Mental Health Issues Many People Face

According to the latest study by WHO, around 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental health problems at some point through their life. You can have a look at some info about that on http://www.thekimfoundation.org. This might be depression, anxiety or OCD. It could even be more detrimental conditions like schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and aphasia.

The causes of some of the common mental health issues we’re talking about here can be quite varied. For instance, aphasia, loss of speech, understanding, and language, can be caused by hitting your head or a stroke. OCD can develop due to stress and act as a psychological coping mechanism to create order where there isn’t any. While the causes of some conditions like schizophrenia are completely unknown. It can develop at any point in life, so it is quite common in early teenage years.


The question we’re asking today is how you can keep your mental health exactly that, healthy. We know that there’s not always a way to control these mental health issues or even prevent them. But by knowing how to look after our mind, we might be able to avoid some of the causes that are theorized but not proven.

mental health issues

Feeling Stressed


Everyone gets stressed at some point through the day. You might be in traffic on your way home and it’s gridlocked. You’re powerless to change the situation, you can’t control the rate that the traffic is moving at. And, by diving in between the lanes you’re not actually getting to your destination any faster. But that doesn’t stop you getting stressed. On the contrary, road issues are one of the most common causes of stress in the world today. That and issues in the office, so if you want to mental health…healthy, you should think about how you can fight stress.


There are a few ways to do this but perhaps one of the best possibilities is some good old fashioned exercise. Have a look at the connection between stress and exercise on http://www.everydayhealth.com. Exercise has been shown to reduce the feeling of stress and tension in individuals but that doesn’t mean you have to be building up a sweat a day at the end of the gym. Instead, you can try the exercise that relieves stress but isn’t too strenuous for the body.

mental health issues

One of the best possibilities here would be yoga. With yoga, you can clear the mind, regulate the breathing and it has been even suggested to positively alter the brain. By meditating, you can create new paths for neurons across the brain and stimulate certain activities. As such, it’s entirely possible this is why meditation reduces stress. It helps your mind cope more effectively with the tension that builds in modern day life.


You might also find writing helps your stress levels. By writing you can eliminate issues in your life by dealing with them head on. You can do this either through blogging or just jotting down your notes on a piece of paper. Either way, we’re sure that you’ll find it incredibly helpful. You’ll wake up the next morning feeling far better about yourself.


The More You Know

mental health issues



You may also want to think about basing your career around a way to keep a check and gain a better understanding of mental health. For instance, if you are at a time in your life when you’re starting to think about a future career, you can choose to study either mental health or psychology.

By doing this, you can learn about different mental health issues and the problems that you might already be coping with yourself. A lot of people find that by learning about mental health they can tackle their own issues like OCD head on. It’s a lot easier to approach a personal mental health issue if you understand the cause and the factors that make it worse or better.

You may also want to think about looking at jobs in the mental health industry. Sites like http://www.staffnurse.com/jrp-health-care-assistant offer a huge range of options here working as a health care assistant. You may not be fronting treatment for a patient, but you will be a vital part of the team. As therapists often say, psychology isn’t the study of others, it’s the investigation of the self.


Nature Or Nurture?

If you want to look after your mental health, you have to understand and learn about both factors. First, let’s think about nature. Nature is determined by genetics and the things parents and other past family members may have passed down to you. You should look at nurture when defining how you choose to live your life. For instance, there might be a history of addiction in your family.

If that’s the case you may want to steer clear of addictive substances altogether. If you do have a history of addiction in your family it’s far more likely that you’ll be at risk of becoming an addict yourself. Or, you may have a history of depression. In this instance, you may want to make sure you are dealing with trauma in your life effectively. You should seek out a therapist if you feel as though an issue has been difficult for you to deal with alone. Find out more about choosing a therapist on https://www.psychologytoday.com.

mental health issues

As for nurture, this is base on how you were raised. What were your parents like and how was your childhood? You can learn from occurrences here to ensure you do become a healthy adult. For instance, if you were ever hit as a child, you may want to learn why this occurred and ensure you don’t repeat history with your own family one day. People who are abused when they were younger often do punish their own children later in life. By learning about the psychological causes of abuse, you can make sure this isn’t a mistake you make.

1 In 4 People Deal With Mental Health Issues, Do You?

Never Alone

Last but not least, you have to remember that no man is an island or woman for that matter. To ensure good mental health, you have to be willing and able to connect with people in your life. Research shows that becoming detached from society is one of the main causes of several mental issues like depression. So, you should never be afraid to ask for help and make sure you always value the people in your life. Do you have any of these mental health issues? I hope this helps.


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  1. Your right when people are abused they often continue the cycle as that is the only way they know how to deal with situations. It is important to break the cycle. I believe I have broken the cycle with my children. Even when my daughter a few years ago would raise her hands to me in anger. I did not fight back. As I didn’t want to send the wrong message. Btw, she is 16 and diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. I think she has more issues than those two. Right now we having issues trying to get my daughter to take her meds. Her daughter won’t change them til she starts taking them like prescribed.

    1. Oh Sandy I am so sorry to hear that. It is difficult to find the right fit with medication, I have a few people in my family who struggle with depression. Maybe you should seek different doctors

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