The Reasons That Mental Health Services Are Failing

mental health services

The State Of Mental Health Services Today

The state of mental health care facilities all over the world has been called into question recently. We haven’t always given mental health as much attention as physical health in the past because we didn’t realize its importance.

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Health services are starting to divert their attention towards mental health but there is still a long way to go. Almost twenty percent of American citizens will experience some form of mental health problem every single year so it’s vital that we get treatment right. Unfortunately, these issues are stopping health services from doing that.




Stigma About Mental Health


This is the biggest hurdle that we face when it comes to improving mental health services. A lot of people don’t think of mental health in the same way that they do other health issues. They see it as something that doesn’t affect that many people and their views on people with mental health issues are based on stereotypes from movies and TV.


This misconception about mental health causes problems for two reasons; firstly, it stops people from seeking help when they are struggling because they fear the judgments of people around them. It also means that there aren’t enough resources being used for mental health treatments because people don’t realize that it is an issue that could affect any of us.


Not Enough Staff


The stigma around mental health, along with the lack of funding, has led to a massive shortfall in staff. A number of people that are training to be mental health counselors is far too low so people that are experiencing problems don’t always have quick access to treatment.



One reason is that people aren’t knowledgeable enough about the ways in which they can train to be a mental health professional. By taking an online masters clinical mental health counseling course, you can train in your own time at home without the need to do a four-year college course. Quite a lot of people that work in mental health don’t decide on that career until later in their lives so this is a good avenue for them to train.


mental health services


No Support For Staff


As well as there is a lack of trained mental health professionals, the level of the support that they get is also problematic. Treating people with mental health problems is an incredibly stressful job that often involves dealing with very traumatic events. This can take a huge toll on a person and, although they have training in how to process it, it can still cause them problems of their own.



There isn’t enough support available for the staff and they often suffer from mental health problems that they do not get treatment for. That means that their ability to offer patient care will be diminished so everybody in that situation is missing out on the care that they need.


At the moment, these problems are stopping people with mental health issues from getting the mental health services that they need but they can easily be solved. If we work to get rid of the stigma around mental health issues and divert more funding towards them, we can make sure that everybody is healthy.

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