When Your Mental Health Takes A Nosedive: Do This

Caring For Your Mental Health

Mental health is something that is being talked more and more about these days. It’s a good thing too because it’s just as important as physical health and can make all the difference to a person’s quality of life. However, despite this development, when your mental health is on the downturn it can still be very difficult to get the help you need to get better. With this in mind, read on as some of the tips below could help you reestablish your mental health.

Don’t isolate

One of the actions that many people do when they are struggling with their mental health is to pull away from friends, family and colleges and isolate. This may be because they don’t want them to see that something is wrong, or that they feel the just cannot cope in large social settings anymore. They may also feel like they are a burden and don’t want to weight others down with their problems.

Isolation is not the right action when your mental health is bad.


However, isolating in this way is often one of the worst things that you can do if you are struggling with mental health issues. This is because by staying in contact with people and doing things that are normal in your life you can keep yourself grounded and connected with others. Something that often demonstrates to your negative mind that people do in fact still like you and that they have negative feelings and bad days too.

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Of course, if you are feeling overwhelmed then taking a break or making more time to rest and reduce the tasks that you expect to get done in a day can be a good idea. Just don’t completely cut off all communications with people as it can leave them confused as to what is going on, and actually, do more harm to you than good.  

Let people know what is going on

In a similar vein if you are suffering from mental health issues it can be really helpful to tell people what is going on. Yes, this can be tough to do, but you don’t need to go into masses of detail. Although there will always be those nosey people that try and find out more info than you are comfortable disclosing! Just ignore them!

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You don’t have to wear a badge or tell everyone either, but letting the people that you are closest to know the gist of what’s happening can help them cope with the situation better. This is because it allows them to be a little more patient and understanding with you as they know what is going on.  

Push for treatment

Probably the most important action that you can take if you are suffering from poor mental health is to seek treatment. This is not always simple, however, because they are a number of things that can get in your way.

The first issue is often meeting the cost of treatment, something that for mental health often combines long-term medications, as well as open-ended counseling sessions. This can be very expensive, and if you don’t have the proper insurance, it can be very difficult to meet this cost

Of course, there are some ways of getting around this. One is by taking your case to personal injury lawyers and seeing if you can claim for compensation. This usually works best when your mental health issues were caused by a traumatic incident that was not your fault such as an attack or vehicle accident.

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The other option is to seek out free treatment. In particular, there many organizations that offer free counseling and advice for mental health issues across the US. Some of these may be religious groups, while others are charities set up to specifically help those with particular disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, or depression.

It may also be difficult to get you, doctor, to diagnose your condition, something that allows you access to the proper treatment. If this is an issue that you are struggling with, then it can be helpful to get a second opinion. You can also look online for advice from mental health charities on how to approach your medical team for help.

Be gentle with yourself

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Learning to be kind to yourself when you are feeling at your worst isn’t always the simplest thing to do. However, it doe make sense because tough situations rarely get better when we blame and punish ourselves. In fact, this is often what is keeping us trapped.

With that in mind, it’s vital that you find some adaptive ways of coping with the negative effect of your mental health. In an acute crisis situation, it may include calling for medical help, speaking to someone on a helpline, or putting together an emergency pack that can help you cope with the difficult emotions you are going through.

When things are more stable, it can be useful to introduce a practice such as meditation, something that allows you to note thoughts without identifying with them. Alternatively, many people choose to use exercise as their adaptive coping mechanism because this triggers positive mental states. It also can produce a sense of satisfaction for achieving something despite not feeling your best that can help boost self-esteem.

Start small

A common mistake that those suffering from a mental disorder make is that they seem their lives as broken and want to fix it all in one go. Unfortunately, that is a path that can lead to overwhelming, exhaustion, and ultimately failure. In reality, no one’s life is perfect, and trying to rid ourselves of all our imperfections is an impossible task.

Instead, a better approach is to work from a place of greater acceptance of the flaws and negative thoughts that we are having. Choosing to allow them but not react to them, and therefore being able to move beyond them more easily.

Doing this is not comfortable or effortless for the most part though, and that is why it is essential to start small and have realistic, compassionate goals for yourself. Otherwise, you can easily fall back into the trap of trying to be perfect. Something that can further add to your mental health problems and the suffering you experience with them.


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