Brilliant Mind-Body Tips We Need As We Get Older

mind body tips as we get older
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Getting Older And Taking Care Of Your Mind And Body

We are all getting older, whichever way we look at it. And it is a fact of life. We all look for ways to delay the aging process, with creams and diet, but we can’t outrun it. Now, I don’t say this to encourage you to stop your healthy regime and give up. It’s even more important to improve mind-body health.

But issues relating to mental health, anxiety, and depression are borne out of a desperate need to get fitter or healthier by looking for the elixir of life and it can really cause people to go round and round in circles. By just taking a moment to breathe and realize that it’s the quality of the life you live and not the quantity, you can take positive and assertive steps in addressing the issues you have by simply looking at your own daily habits. If they are ones that aren’t too healthy, then you can make new habits.

The “Dreaded” Workout

The reason we fear exercise is because we are overwhelmed by the prospect of doing 200 press ups when we haven’t done any for 30 years! This isn’t the best way to look at exercise, neither is it right. It is much better to take the “little and often” approach to working out. By going hell for leather on the treadmill will exhaust you, make you not want to return, and could cause you some real damage if you aren’t careful and you’ll have to make a journey to a same day joint replacement surgery to get your feet and ankles properly rehabilitated. By taking our time and exercising until we are fatigued, it means we have pushed ourselves to the limit, and then by allowing sufficient time to recover before we go back, we will be able to go a little bit further and increase our overall fitness.

mind body tips as you get older

Exercise Your Mind

Look after your brain, it’s the only one you’ve got! There are so many more cases of Alzheimer’s disease reported now than ever before that you need to make sure you are working out your mind- body. Find things that you like to do which challenges you, like crosswords or learning a language or musical instrument.

People give up on things because they are hard to learn, but this means that you are actually strengthening your connections in the mind. So pick something difficult to do. An infuriating game to play is Dual N-Back, which requires you to remember a sequence of visual and aural patterns at the same time, and the better you get at it, the harder the game becomes.

Looking after your mind-body isn’t just about challenging it, diet is a very important part too. A good proportion of our brain is fat, so by giving yourself plenty of healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, eggs, and olive oil, you are helping to keep your brain functioning better. The Mediterranean diet is often spoken of as one of the healthiest diets in the world, and this is partly because of the healthy fat content.


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