Why Music Motivates Us To Move More



Top Reasons To Add Dance To Your Fitness Routine

Let’s face it. We all have those days when we just want to lay on the couch and vegetate. It’s hard to get motivated even when you have a good fitness program in place. But if you’re just starting out, it’s really tough. Gyms aren’t the most friendly or sociable places. And running around the park in the rain really doesn’t inspire us much. But if you add some music to your movement, you may be surprised just how far it can take you.

Music Is Good For Your Health



Music has a beat. It almost mimics your heartbeat. It’s pretty constant, although, like your heart, it can sometimes speed up or slow down. Some tracks are fast and energetic. Others are slow and help you chill. But almost all of it gets you moving. You might tap along, nod your head, or even jump up and down. So why not add music to all your physical activities? Scholars believe that movement that created sounds is

So why not add music to all your physical activities? Scholars believe that movement that created sounds is where music all began. You could even make your household chores more interesting with that in mind. Rhythms can be created from anything, and from there, your body will be keen to move along.



Just Dance

Without music, dancing would be pretty boring. The music inspires the body to move, to shape, and to feel. If you’ve ever taken dance classes, you’ll know just how important it is to physically express the music you’re hearing. It’s part of the art.



And if you’ve never taken dance classes, now could be the perfect time to start. It works your core and nearly every other muscle in your body. It can be as physically demanding as you like. Best of all, it is one of the most fun activities you can do that doesn’t feel like the workout it is!



Music And Your Workout

Runners and joggers often head out with a player and set of earbuds. Whether you pick a cross country route or you’re just pounding the pavements of the city, music drives you on. You can use it to pace your run as well. Up-tempo tracks can push you to keep pace on hills. Slower tracks can give you those three minutes of rest before the next challenge. We all have a favorite, uplifting track. That could be your go-to song when you need to dig deep to make the distance.


As well as dancing, it can be used in sports drills too. They can keep the pace up for repetitions in footwork or weight lifting. If you’ve never taken a spin class, then you’ve never heard music used to push you beyond where you thought you could reach! Loud, pumping music can stimulate you, motivate you, and inspire you to work harder and faster than you thought you could.





Have you ever noticed how much more vibrant cafes and fast food places are when there are tunes playing? It can help create a certain mood. If you’re looking to boost your energy levels and become more active, music could certainly help you. Choose uptempo tracks with a good beat to get your toe tapping and move more.


The health benefits of Music are endless. It motivates you to dance and keep you moving during your workout. I can’t even clean my house without it. It is a great tool for anxiety and depression.


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