Inspiring Reasons To Add Natural Foods To Your Diet

natural foods

How To Improve Your Health With Natural Foods


Why You Need A Natural Foods Lifestyle

Every single person on the planet wants to feel good, deep down anyway. No matter what is on the surface, we all want a good, healthy life. It’s basic, really. Unfortunately, not many things in modern life are geared towards making us feel good. Longer working hours, more stressful jobs, terrible food and lack of exercise mean that we can become imprisoned within our minds and a slave to our feelings.



We don’t deserve it, frankly. We work too hard and are too good to deserve to feel bad – but for many, every day is pretty hard. We wake up, drain the coffee pot, go to work and come home exhausted. It’s not right and that is why you need natural foods in your diet.


We don’t deserve it, frankly. We work too hard and are too good to deserve to feel bad – but for many, every day is pretty hard. We wake up, drain the coffee pot, go to work and come home exhausted. It’s not right and that is why you need natural foods in your diet.


If you’re down in the dumps about something, you can either change the situation or change the way you think about it – or the way you deal with it. In every aspect of life, there is always something that we can do to make it better, or more tolerable. If we aren’t feeling good – it’s clear that something is up with our mind, our body and our spirit.


When the first people existed on this planet, do you think that they felt the way we do now about things? It’s hard to tell. Certainly, they weren’t hungover, they didn’t rely on coffee, exercise was a natural thing, and they could avoid eating terrible food – mainly because they had to work for their food! And work really, really hard! Certainly, they probably didn’t feel as awful day in and as a the day out as we can do.


Maybe there’s a reason for that – maybe it’s because they simply had to rely on natural produce to get by. What they consumed and experienced was all natural – there was nothing man-made about it. Technology and man-made inventions have brought so, so much to our life – but some of this convenience can be sapping to our mind and health. If we are feeling terrible at the crack of dawn, maybe it’s time to consult nature?


Plenty of natural remedies exist for all manner of problems, but before we get into the depth of natural help – it needs to be stressed that if you have any issues or problems in life that you first speak to a doctor or a qualified medical professional. You might need treatment and while nature is powerful, it cannot prevent every single issue. It can certainly help though.


natural foods


A natural lifestyle doesn’t mean you can go out in the garden and start lying in the grass to feel the benefits. There is work to do. You might need to research and learn about sulfur crystals if you are considering them as a dietary supplement, you might need to work hard to change your diet. Do your research and plan ahead – a leap of faith won’t work here.


The largest benefits of nature can be found in the diet. There’s a lot to be said for what a healthy plant-based diet can provide to our bodies. Bare in mind the word ‘plant-based’. It doesn’t mean a cruelty-free diet that avoids meat like a vegetarian or vegan diet, it means a diet that is founded on natural foods.


Vegetables, fruit, pulses, beans, seeds, and leaves should make up the vast majority of any plate of food that you eat. If you can build your eating habits to be based around foods like kale, cabbage, celery, peppers, lettuce and all sorts of other vegetables – you are certain to feel the benefits. These types of foods are full of natural vitamins, and even protein. Your digestive system will thank you as these foods are relatively easy to digest.


Can you still eat meat if you want a more natural diet? Of course. However, it means we need to avoid heavy red meats and stick to lean healthy meat – chicken, fish, and turkey, mainly. Meats like pork and beef can’t be broken down very well by our bodies.


Steak, for example, can spend four times longer stewing in the gut than natural plant-based foods. This can wreak havoc on a digestive system. Steak is certainly a food that needs to be consumed on a very moderate basis, and that goes for red meats. Simply put, it doesn’t seem like our bodies were built for them.


If you want to eat natural foods, you have to avoid anything processed, which means it isn’t served fresh. These add elements that aren’t found naturally to the cooking process and can make the negative effects of red meat worse. Smoked, cured, preserved – this type of meat is bad.  Processing the meat increases the risk of cancerous compounds being formed as part of the chemical reaction that helps the food last.


There is a lot of energy contained in natural foods – especially so when we look beyond the science of their benefits and at how they feel. Eating healthy plant-based nature foods like Chia seeds will always feel a lot lighter, and you’ll feel full quicker. This can stop a number of issues including overeating (when there is a delay in the signals between our belly and our brain). If we are feeling sluggish, it might because we are eating far too much food without realizing.

natural foods


It could also because we are consuming man-made food that shouldn’t be in our body. Aspartame, acesulfame, and other sweeteners aren’t natural. In fact, they have been linked to causing migraines and other neurological issues – linking to eye pain and many different problems.


Caffeine, alcohol and man-made foods can be a recipe for disaster in these instances – when we consider that these things are the foundation of a terrible lifestyle, it makes sense that people who consume products containing these ingredients are more likely to feel bad. If you want a sweetener, look at using Stevia and for your morning drink, why not have a herbal tea?


On a final note – while sugar can be considered natural foods, if you’re feeling bad it could be because of it. One-half of table sugar is fructose – which is a fat, it’s not useful and it’s a downright toxic. You might not be able to cut sugar out of your diet, but if you can cut down on adding it yourself, you’ll be ok – remember that it is addictive!


Natural foods are incredible – you won’t regret making them a foundation of your diet.





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