Natural Treatments Worth Giving A Try

natural treatmentsNatural Treatments You Might Want To Try

We all search for that latest pill or some kind of medicine that will alleviate our pains and aches. Most of all, we just want to be rid of illnesses that stop us from living a balanced and active life. However, it’s perfectly reasonable to acknowledge the wonders of modern science, but totally relying on any one source for everything is never a good idea. Sometimes the best natural treatments are right there in front of you, and they come in a natural remedy that doesn’t cost a lot of money, nor does it seem to be overly complicated.

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Of course, it’s easier just to swallow a pill or go to the doctor and hospitals for lengthy treatment, but natural procedures can be done at home and in your own time. They will take time to show results but rather than a temporary solution; they often give you the opportunity to use them without the effects wearing thin over time continually.

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High blood pressure

High blood pressure can affect almost anyone. Sometimes it’s genetic which means the condition is going to be passed down from generations gone by. Other times it purely due to lifestyle and environment. Nevertheless, what you need to focus on is potassium. This can lessen the effects of sodium that can give rise to increased pressure in the blood.

Of course, the best sources of potassium are going to be fruits and vegetables such as bananas, sweet potato, watermelon, spinach, beets, black beans, and butternut squash to name a few. Preferably, you should be eating these foods when they have been minimally cooked, so you get the most fresh and uncurbed nutritive value as possible. The next priority in your diet should be to lower the intake of sodium. Tablet salt is manufactured in large scale factories, which also means it is not natural.

Substitute tablet salt, for rock salt or most beneficial, sea salt. The larger crystals of natural salt, are far healthier and don’t put such a strain on your blood pressure. Limit the amount of alcohol that you also drink, as the molecules for hops and the fermentation, filter through your system and cause the blood to thicken slightly. The fat accumulated in the body by alcohol consumption is more difficult to break down once it has been stored, so keep this mind when you go for a beer next time.

Natural treatments worth trying


Natural treatments for cancer

Cancer has an affect on the entire body, despite no clear signs that you are sick on the outside of your body. Many people opt for chemical treatments which will be a long and expensive process. Personal responsibility to live a cleaner life will give you the chance to slowly but surely lessen the impact cancer has on your day to day life. A natural treatment of cancer documentary by Dr Colleen Huber shows that although there are chemicals that make you feel better, a balanced and powerful diet of vitamins, various minerals, and detoxifying foods are also just as great.

There are Intravenous Nutrient Treatments that will be tailored toward your immune system and the patient’s condition for a targeted approach as well as research-documented anti-cancer or tumor fighting effects. The combination of Vitamin-C, Sodium Bicarbonate and DMSO as well as others, will form a nutritious concoction taken by the patient.

There’s also a sugar and cancer connection, which the clinic she runs has done a study on, and completed a medical history of sugar intake linked to people living with cancer. It was reported by over 7000 media outlets, albeit briefly. The results showed that regardless how prolonged the case was or stage of the cancer, those patients who avoided sugar in their diet tended to increase their survival chances by two times. Creating a balanced diet with as little processed sugar as possible is something that is recommended. Of course, fruits and vegetables will also have natural sugar in them, but this will be healthy sugars as they are simple molecules, easily digested and good for your body.

When you’re looking to treat your illnesses or conditions with an endless line up of various different drugs, you become too reliant on just one form of treatment. Mother nature has provided some of the most complex nutrients that when ingested can clear and clean out your internal body. The avoidance of unnecessary intakes such as sugar and salt should be given top priority for those suffering from cancer and from a high blood pressure. It takes time, but the benefits are longer lasting, and quite frankly, natural treatments are much less expensive than going down the purely medical route.


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