Natural Alternative Treatments For Chronic Respiratory Issues

respiratory issues Do You Have A Chronic Respiratory Issue?

Nothing Working?

Here Are Natural Alternatives You’ll Love!

 If you’ve had the displeasure of having some sort of lung-related or respiratory issues then you know it is nowhere near a nice time. It’s usually an abstract kind of pain, the kind you can’t really define as anything other than dull, sharp, or overwhelming. There often is no single point from where the pain originates, and you sometimes feel it all over.
If you’ve ever had bronchitis, then you know that even though the main source of the pain is the feeling of someone running a knife up and down your throat whenever you breathe, but the chest pains certainly don’t help. Due to their somewhat “decentralized” nature, they prove to be somewhat harder to cure than some other diseases with slightly clearer symptoms.
If you have chronic respiratory issues of lung-related diseases, or maybe your current treatment just isn’t helping very much, then why not try something different next time? After all, what have you got to lose?


Considering you are fighting something in your airways, what better way to get there than through your mouth or nose? For centuries, people around the world have been using various treatments which involve inhaling various vapors or smokes in order to either stimulate certain organs, parts of the brain, or just soothe their airways. Let’s briefly go through two of them.


Aromatherapy bases around inhaling various aromatic oils, plant materials, and is often used as not only a complementary therapy but also as a form of alternative medicine altogether. All you need are some aromatic oils and a diffuser to get started, and then just slowly breathe in and out. It’s a rather unintrusive treatment compared to a lot of others, not to mention pleasant, making it much easier to get into.

respiratory issues

Medical Marijuana

Despite all the bad press that marijuana has been receiving in the public eye since about anyone can remember, there are more and more studies supporting its medical capabilities, and anecdotes from people who have cured various, often considered lethal diseases, using purely marijuana or THC. People who felt like they’ve been through all possible treatments and had nothing to lose either reached out for help in other countries where marijuana is legal to find some of the best marijuana strains to help cure their diseases.


If things got very desperate, and the situation was looking dire then some even reached out to their local dealer. Of course, laws may vary depending on where you live in the world, but just keep in mind that this is illegal for the most part. Sometimes you may have an easier time sourcing THC oil, which is known for the same healing properties, though some claim that it is not as effective. But hey, probably worth a try.

Dieting Angle

A good diet may solve much more than the average person might think. Some people don’t personally believe in diets because they have never properly stuck to one properly, or stuck with it long enough to start witnessing effects. Perhaps, they might have not even tried a good diet, well since you are here, there is one diet which provides consistent results for people across the world, which is almost guaranteed to flush and then start repairing your body faster than you expect.

respiratory issues


That diet would be a vegan raw food diet, which as the name suggests consists of keeping to a vegan diet, but also not cooking anything. People often say that at the very start they feel terrible with it, but after a few weeks, some say that the effects are unmatched.

There are many natural remedies for what ails you even serious conditions such as Respiratory Issues. Be Healthy

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