Weight Loss Programs: Tried And Tested Ways To Weight Loss

Lighter Life: Tried And Tested Ways To Weight Loss
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Navigating The Sea Of Weight Loss Programs

These days the weight loss industry is worth billions of dollars with programs like ‘The Biggest Loser’ ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ and even Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Revenge Body’ all focusing on people’s physical transformations. However, with ‘miracle’ diets promising to turn you into a supermodel, a bevy of pills and potions available and new fitness classes popping up every five seconds how do you know what works?

Join A Weight Loss Program

One of the most successful experiences people have had when it comes to losing weight is when they’ve joined a weight loss program or twelve-week plan such as Weight Watchers or Slimming World. Firstly, you’re amongst people just like you and while some might be bigger or smaller than yourself, you’re all there because you want to lose weight properly.

Weekly meetings are friendly, welcoming places where you’ll soon make new friends, supporting each other through all the emotions that come with being larger than you’d like. However, classes aren’t just about physical aspects of weight loss but also seek to improve participants nutrition, exercise regimes, and confidence while giving them the tools to completely overhaul their lifestyle.

Hire Your Own Personal Trainer

If you feel nervous or intimidated every time you step into a gym, you aren’t alone! Research shows that millions of dollars are wasted each year on gym memberships by those who go once and are then too scared to go again. The best way to overcome your nerves is to hire a personal trainer right from the off.

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Not only will they create a personal fitness plan that’s tailored to you and your goals but they’ll also give you a full introduction to the gym itself.  Don’t feel like you have to stick with the first personal trainer you meet, as it’s important that you both gel to create a good working relationship. Your personal trainer should be friendly, motivating and supportive as well as show passion for helping you to get in shape.

Try A Meal Replacement Plan


Loads of women and men have found success by using weight loss programs that involve a  range of meal replacement drinks, snacks, salads, and soups. Initially, companies like Slimfast just produced flavored shakes but nowadays the meal plan market’s flooded with low-fat crisps, crackers, breakfast bars, pasta pots and even chocolate bars so dieters have lots to choose from.

The idea is that you eat two slimming products each day, plus a variety of snacks and then cook yourself a healthy evening meal such as chicken and rice or baked salmon, salad and new potatoes. While the method isn’t foolproof; you can read the full review here of Ideal Shape one of the leading weight loss shake brands, plenty of people do swear by meal replacement drinks and snacks.  

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De-Stress Yourself

How often have you reached for that extra bag of crisps if you’ve had a bad day? Or comforted yourself with food after an argument with your partner? Try to reward, or console yourself with something else other than food such as a shopping trip, spa day or a good old-fashioned walk in the park. Stress causes weight gain so figure out what’s keeping you awake at night and do something about it.  That is where weight loss programs are really effective as they keep you on a schedule and allow you time to relax.

The road to weight loss isn't easy and there is alot of help out there. Here are some different weight loss programs you might wanna give a try


Weight loss programs are very structured and can make the losing weight journey easier but with so many, it can be difficult to navigate, hopefully, this helps. Be healthy

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