Give These Oral Health Myths A Chew

Common Oral Health Myths

There are a few oral health myths surrounding oral hygiene that you would do well to ignore if you want to keep your mouth healthy and clean. Or, perhaps you might need to make sure that your kids are looking after their teeth. Knowing the fact behind the fiction could help a lot here so let’s explore a few of the common misconceptions.

White Teeth Mean Healthy Teeth

This is of course nonsense, and white teeth do not necessarily mean that you are keeping your teeth healthy. Though it will certainly appear that way to the casual onlooker, there are lots of reasons why your teeth might be white. You could be using a natural teeth whitening trick such as baking soda and lemon juice. Mixing these two together will leave your teeth looking white, even if beneath you have serious issues. Or, you could try dental pro teeth whitening. Bleaching your teeth in this way may make them shine like pearls, but they could still be unhealthy.

Tooth Decay is Caused By Sugar

Not so, according to doctors and this is one of the leading oral health myths, the main cause of tooth decay is natural acids forming in the mouth that combine with saliva. This leads to plaque building up on your teeth, and eventually, they start to decay. As such, you can have a diet that’s completely free of sugar, and you could still ultimately have issues with your teeth. This is particularly common with carbohydrates, so the only way to actually protect your teeth is to practice good oral hygiene.


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Kids Don’t Need To Brush When They’re Younger

It’s a weird one this, but parents do often believe that since kids have baby teeth that are going to fall out anyway, brushing isn’t quite as important. They certainly don’t need to use mouthwash or floss. This, of course, is nonsense because poor brushing could affect the gums as well as the teeth. It will also lead to poor oral hygiene practices, and there’s nothing to stop kids from continuing to not brush their teeth even when the adult pegs start to appear.

Gum Disease Isn’t Common

Oh, but it is and if you don’t believe me ask your dentist. According to dentists, 47 percent of people over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease. It’s definitely common it just doesn’t usually reach the severe levels that can make a mouth look like a horror show. That’s why you need to use a service like Dentistry with TLC and make sure that are getting your teeth checked out regularly for any issues. By doing this, you can make sure that you don’t end up with problems with your gums or your teeth.

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Bad Breath Means Your Gums Are In Danger

It could be a sign of gum disease. It could also be because you’re a mouth breather at night, you have acid reflux, or you have eaten smelly food lately. As such, you can’t automatically say that bad breath equals gum disease because that’s just not true. There are many other reasons why this oral health myths might be causing an issue for you.


We hope this helps you recognize some of the oral health myths surrounding oral hygiene and makes you pay more attention to your teeth.

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