Organic Food Facts: A Few Truths You Might Not Know


What Organic Means

It  is food that has been grown or processed without Synthetic Pesticides, Chemical Fertilizers, Industrial Solvents, or Chemical Food Additives.
An important thing to keep in mind when shopping for organic foods is to look for the Certified Organic seal. The Government has standards that  Farmers have to meet which is the reason for the seal.

Organic Foods

 We have become more food conscious on a global scale, which is a great thing. I know when we see the label “Organic” we think to ourselves, we are getting a great product.

One thing you need to remember that to qualify for  branding, the product only needs to have 70% organic ingredients.

Does that make you ask the question, What is the other 30%? Another thing you need to remember is that Processed Food, is still Processed Food, even with the Organic on the package.
There have been studies that suggest there is not a huge difference in nutritional value between conventional and organically made food.
It has become a huge market. Profit in Organic Products has risen to over 30 billion a year in sales. Here’s a truth maybe you don’t know. We think the products labeled organic are Organic Companies but that isn’t the case, many of the conventional food companies like Kellogg own the Organic Brands we see today. Here is a list
  Organic Food does have health risks. There is always a risk of E Coli. You should always wash all of your food well before cooking. Even more important is to cook your meat at the right temperature.
  • Chicken 165 degrees
  • Pork 145 degrees
  • Beef 145 degrees
  • Ground Meat 160 degrees


The Movement started in the forties and in the seventies the ACGA was formed. ACGA
or The American Community Garden Association was started to beautify neighborhoods and provide fresh food to people in need. The program mainly exists in the United States and Canada. It is a great Community program that connects the community through gardening and teaches self-reliance.
So while buying Products is worthwhile, make sure to check for the seal to make sure the product is truly organic. Get involved with your Community through projects that make a difference.
Be Healthy


    1. I truly believe it is too misleading, there aren’t enough guidelines pertaining to maufacturing so we think we are eating something good but in the end processed is processed

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