Pain Relieving Health Hacks You Need To Know For The Winter

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Health Hacks To Fight Winter Aches And Pain

When we think about health hacks, we often think of exercising and eating well. While both contribute to a healthier lifestyle, they aren’t the only options we have to achieve a better level of health. Especially when it comes to working out those niggly aches and pains, we get as a result of exercise.

Little changes to the way you workout and move in general can really help. From working out a little more consciously and recovering the right way to keeping up your stretches and healing with the help of your kitchen, you can make a huge difference to how you feel. Apply these health hacks to your everyday routine and you’ll soon notice a change this winter.

Health Hacks: Warming Up

Health Hacks

When it comes to health hacks and exercise, we all know that we need to be warming up correctly. Regardless of the way you choose to warm up, your workout (and body) will be better off for it.

By taking the time to get your muscles moving and ready for your workout, the less, you’ll ache afterward. Especially during the colder months. Jump up and down, do some sprints, stretch and get your heart going. When the blood is rushing through your body, your muscles are more equipped to handle your workout; allowing for a quicker recovery time.

Health Hacks: Recovering Right


Just like warming up, cooling down provides a huge benefit to your workout. When you cool your muscles down and carry out your stretches, you’re starting off the recovery process right.

Just trained legs? You might find those awful aches and pains will lessen if you focus on stretching out the main muscles. Spend at least 30 seconds on each to really reap the benefits. When muscles get too cold too quickly, they can start to seize up. Enter those dreaded aches and pains. And remember, food can be a great way to start the healing processes off right too!

Health Hacks: Stretching It Out


Do you struggle with your muscle flexibility? Maybe your back isn’t as robust and supportive as it once was. Or you struggle to reach down and touch the floor with your fingertips. If you find that your muscles are often sore, tight or achy, stretching regularly (and not just after you exercise) can make a huge difference.

Yoga and pilates are both fantastic forms of exercise that allow you to stretch out the body and regain your flexibility. Fully functioning and flexible muscles can make your workout feel easier. You might even notice those aches and pains start to disappear too!

Health Hacks:Rolling and Rubbing


Just like stretching, massage can provide a wealth of health benefits. Not only will you say goodbye to any niggly knots in your muscles, but your circulation and flexibility improve too. Poor circulation can lead to many health issues. But it can also mean that your muscles will take a longer time to recover after exercise.



Aside from getting a sports massage, investing in (and regularly using) a foam roller is an excellent way to see the same effects. By rolling out your muscles, you’ll be stimulating blood flow through the muscles. If you’re unsure on which style of foam roller might be right for you, sites like have comprehensive guides to help you decide.

Health Hacks: Healing From Within


It’s true; abs are made in the kitchen – but so is healing. If you’re looking to heal quicker after a workout, or relieve your body of a range of ailments, head to the kitchen. Nutrition is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. By making sure that you’re getting the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats around training and throughout the day, your body will be fuelled well and can heal quicker.


Health Hacks and little know shortcuts can really be helpfuls with the minor aches and pains we feel in the winter. I hope this helped and you’ll share some of yours.

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